Beauty: Benefit Concealer Dupe

A scary four years ago, Glamour (I think!) ran an issue which included a free Benefit stick. There were 3 offers; Bad Gal liner, Eye Bright and It Stick. I’m not too sure which of these are sold anymore, but I’m pretty sure It Stick isn’t. And that’s the one I’m going to talk about today.

 photo 0d6575df-7ab4-4a4d-8737-d7f5e25d2c59_zpsc687ad71.jpgIt Stick was my first experience with a concealer, and I loved it. Pale enough for me (how rare), cream and easily blended, and it stayed put pretty well. Used on top of a more liquid concealer (Seventeen Stay Time is the only one pale enough so far) it virtually cancels out my under-eye shadows. I’ve used it well, and still have it now (every few months I sharpen well to get rid of germs). I knew it was coming to an end so started looking for an alternative.

 photo 4d3f2a98-198d-40ee-973b-d4020038b7fd_zps29ea003d.jpgI honestly didn’t expect to find one so quickly, or so cheaply. I was just browsing the MUA stand, trying to find a free third product (I do love 3 for 2 deals) and noticed this. Swatched and was surprised on two counts. It was pale enough. It was extremely creamy and easy to blend. Sold, it came home with me. Since then it has replaced my It Stick for daily use. It has perhaps slightly less coverage, but sticks around for most of the day. Neutralises dark shadows relatively well, and all in all is a damn good bargain. I just hate the packaging (it looks so cheap!) and the product itself appears to be smashed inside as it keeps falling out.

 photo 25b4b024-6832-43c9-b4e6-d085fc873098_zpsffbee396.jpgIf you’re looking for a creamy stick-based concealer (ideal for travelling!) then I’d highly recommend MUA’s Pro-Based Argan Plush Concealer. The shade ‘fair’ is incredibly pale, and the stick is fool-proof. If I can apply it in the dark, pre-morning cup of tea, then anyone can!

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What’s your favourite concealing product?