Beauty: The Perfect Winter Blush

This was my first ever MAC purchase. I fell in love at the tender age of 13, when me and a friend stumbled into Brighton’s MAC store. It was literally love at first swatch, but I never purchase. I lusted after it, swatched every time I went in store, and it finally earned a place high on my 20th birthday list.

 photo 0ef08e6c-eceb-4f21-9638-16f7d7b62b96_zpsb3d17e49.jpgExactly a year on, I’ve barely made a dent. That’s not to say I don’t use it! Most winter days see Love Thing flushed across my cheeks, blended well to give the rosiest of glows. You need the lightest of hands with this one, it’s so scarily pigmented a swipe will leave you looking clown like. And this blush sticks around too. It’s definitely still there when I go and take it off in the evening!

 photo 30c9e08b-1b0c-4964-9833-8389e6967896_zps8335203f.jpgI’m slowly becoming more confident with this. Last winter saw it being used to give the slightest hint of colour. This year I’m rocking the berry tones even more, and this blush goes perfectly alongside MAC Craving. Yup, it opened up a MAC addition I didn’t know I had.I can’t say any other of the blusher colours particular call out to me, but the formula seems like it’s pretty fail safe. A slightly dewy finish, a solidly baked powder that has survived multiple falls to the floor? It’s a winner in my book.

 photo 1cf8daa7-597a-44d9-af7b-305d8e6913cc_zps8e6f42f0.jpgNow, did anyone get my subtle hint above?! In case you haven’t noticed from posts becoming more excitable, and not-too-subtle twitterings, it’s my twenty-first birthday today! I’ve been utterly excited for weeks, with a whole three days booked off work for lie-ins and celebrations. My plans so far (I’m writing this in advance to make the most of my time off!) involve a pampering sessions with my lovely mum, my dad baking me multiple cakes, a romantic meal with my man, and then a family meal tonight. I’m hoping to squeeze in a brisk walk in the cold with my dog too, so I’m hoping for good weather! I also am being whisked away for a surprise tomorrow…

What’s your favourite blusher? Do you love berry tones in the cooler weather?