Beauty: Trialling Black Toothpaste

Yep, got to admit a not insignificant part of me feels a bit disgusted by this. Cleaning any part of you with black stuff just feels odd, but teeth?! I was more than put off but in the name of trailing, in the name of white teeth, I thought I’d give it a go. This toothpaste is enriched with charcoal, which is apparently a mild abrasive, and helps to whiten teeth more naturally than chemicals. Having recently kicked away a coffee addiction that was threatening to take hold, I’m all for a bit of whitening toothpaste. Not bad enough to think about professional whitening (and it’s way out of my budget) I felt that if these just reversed the last six months I’d be happy and laughing away. At £4.99 full price for a tube, it’s slightly pricier than my usual brand, but if it lives up to it’s claims I’ll more than happily repurchase.

 photo 5e00cd01-aeac-4ee7-b940-d4396be538e0_zps84db4723.jpgAs it is, I’ve been using this for a week now, and I think I see a slight difference. My boyfriend thinks it’s all in the mind, though I reckon that’s cos he couldn’t stomach watching me use black toothpaste. It could also be for another reason – this toothpaste is so mildly minted, and so light (it all foams up, but not into a heavy foam) that I don’t suffer as badly from the usual gag reflex. So I’m managing to clean my teeth for longer without fear of breakfast making a reappearance.

 photo e2f76964-5f5d-4cb2-a07c-ab6cfc436a80_zps89ecf715.jpgI’ll be giving this toothpaste a trial for a month of so, and given that I have 21st photos from a few weeks ago, and it’s Christmas coming up, I’m hoping there’ll be a visible difference. But even with any difference so far, I already feel a little more confident in flashing my smile. Fingers crossed!

Have you tried black toothpaste before? Any teeth whitening tricks?