Beauty: 2014’s Fuss-Free Party Look

Some girls love the process of getting ready, of slowly putting their makeup on and carefully doing their hair. I’m not one of those girls. I like to throw it on quickly, give my hair a quick curl and volume boost, and run out of the door. Yep, that usually involves laddered tights, chipped nails and smudged lipsticks but as I don’t drive these are problems easily fixed en route.

 photo 5cf4c46c-46e8-4ec5-a0f2-1e6ceec385a0_zps891aaac9.jpgChristmas and New Year was no different for me. Both days were quite relaxed, time with my loved ones, but I still wanted to look relatively nice. Okay, NYE didn’t last, I was in a duvet on the floor by 10:30 as I felt dreadful. But the thought was there. Anyway, on those kinda days/nights I want a really quite makeup routine. Preferably something I can do without a decent mirror, and even more ideal if I can throw it on top of makeup I’m already wearing.

 photo 23d5d79e-62d9-465b-b3bc-c671372d34c5_zps6ae402c9.jpgThe Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette is perfect for this. A quick dusting over 10-hour old foundation and it looks freshly applied. A sweep of the highlight and a blend of the contour make me look polished. And all in under 60 seconds. Layering it up a bit more, with a little concealer, this can be all I need for a base too. I love it, and am dreading the day I hit pan.

 photo 5231b11e-ca76-4f5c-a210-c8eeec2f4060_zps78f3b850.jpgA simple eye make up is all I feel like if I’m wearing the makeup all day. Don’t get me wrong, I love a smokey eye, but all day?! I’ll only rub my eyes and ruin it! I just go for a thick coat of a good mascara, Bourjois is currently mine (and probably the rest of the blogging world’s) favourite.

 photo c029a2bc-c22e-48c4-bd71-690b87e231bb_zps5c72f429.jpgAnd it wouldn’t be festive makeup without a red lip, would it?! This little beauty from MAC is one a lot of people haven’t heard of, but I fell in love at first swatch. A glaze finish, it’s moisturising and sheer whilst still packing in some intense colour. This is a red lip that’s appropriate to visit your grandparents in, though don’t give them a kiss as it does transfer. Hot Tahiti is a warm-toned red that is simply stunning. It’s great on its one, but I also love it to touch up my Revlon Matte Balm when it starts to fade. A handbag essential, and I’ll definitely be on the hunt for more glaze finishes.
 photo 8f014542-fcfa-400d-af95-7d93c757b85e_zps6deb665b.jpg

That’s my look this season, effortless and fuss-free. Are you a fan of throwing on makeup in a rush, or do you prefer to take your time? Have you tried any of these products? What was your go to make-up bits over the festive season?