University: Beating Procrastination

Ah, procrastination! The skill of virtually all students, though I’ve discovered this year that it doesn’t stop upon graduation. Even in work there is a task I will put off until the last moment possible. It’s like folding laundry. I love clean towels, bedding, etc. But having to fold it once it’s nicely dried is the worst chore. I’ve hoovered, dusted, washed makeup brushes and sorted my wardrobe this afternoon. The laundry is still on my bed waiting to be folded…

 photo 752aab2f-38b8-48ec-b1a4-4ea766f2f691_zpsa76d96f2.jpgI found this infographic on how to beat procrastination and thought it gave some really useful tips. Sure, it hasn’t helped with the washing-folding-problem, but that task at work is far less of a problem now.

15 Ways To Beat Procrastination

15 Ways To Beat Procrastination [Infographic] by the team at Essay.Expert

My own top tip for beating procrastination? Have a variety of tasks! I can’t sit and do the same thing day after day after day. When I’m studying I like to spend an hour or two reading, then note taking. After midday I’m all about past questions. Then right before the end of my day I’ll summarise what I’ve done. I also like to have a variety of resources. The internet is all very well and good, but if I’m researching on the internet, there’s a huge chance my Bloglovin feed will accidentally open. I love books (bigger and heavier = better!), and one of my favourite places to physically buy books is Blackwell Books stores on university campuses. Why? Because they often have exactly the book I want, but pre-owned and therefore cheaper. Variety is definitely the key for myself to beat procrastination, if I know I have different things to do I’ll crack on and get started!

How do you beat procrastination? What tasks do you avoid?