University: Keeping Everything Safe

I’m a clumsy person. No idea why, but it clearly comes naturally to me.

 photo IMG_1312_zps3ea8ce05.jpgIn my first term of university I fell out of a taxi (coming home from work, completely sober), dropping my phone into a puddle. The phone developed a smashed screen, and was also very unpredictable. Luckily it was insured, and quickly replaced. In my second year, my boyfriend gifted me his old tablet. In the first fortnight of using it, it had an argument with the floor (to this day I don’t know how it feel off the table!). The floor won the argument. Unfortunately my tablet wasn’t insured, though I did replace it…and insure the replacement!

I’ve also known of multiple thefts from student accommodation. The most “amusing” being the back door left open, people came into the kitchen, blocked the inside door, and stole every bit of meat from the fridge and freezer. Others range from climbing through windows whilst residents popped to the loo and (my personal experience) post being opened by housemates and vouchers taken. A house three doors down last year left their (tiny, first floor) bathroom window open last Christmas…someone climbed in and cleared the place out.

 photo 752aab2f-38b8-48ec-b1a4-4ea766f2f691_zpsa76d96f2.jpgWith this in mind, student contents insurance is something I don’t hesitate to take out. Sure, it might seem expensive (mine’s about £125, but I do have a past claim), but it will be more expensive to replace all your belongings if something happens. I pay extra to insure whilst travelling, and to take electrical items such as my laptop outside of the house. This year much of my contents is insured on my landlady’s policy (I just rent her spareroom) so I’ve plumped for Gadget Insurance plus jewelry cover at a bargain price. I might not need to use it, but the security is there!

But physical security isn’t my only worry. I’m also clumsy when it comes to cyber-security. I’m sure we’ve all not saved work before, but I’m an expert at accidentally deleting everything permanently, at losing memory sticks, at corrupting family photos. I’ve loved using my Samsung Portable Hardrive* to back everything up, keeping files secure. It’s so huge it backs up my laptop, my sisters, and anyone else who wants to use some space. I’d definitely recommend one – I’m liking having as little saved on my laptop as possible too, as it really does run so much faster without all the photos!

 photo 53fcd68f-b6e9-4eb1-be9a-b1cb6b4ad364_zps6a9d1253.jpgDisclaimer: I was sent a selection of goodies, including the portable hardrive, by Insure2Go in exchange for a post about student security. All opinions are my own, as always, and no money exchanged hands. More the pity as I’d quite like my student loan in! 

What do you think about student insurance – worth it? Ever had a clumsy moment like me?

  • Kasope Sonola

    Since getting a personal hard drive and backing my laptop I’ve felt so much better and I’m less scared about the contents of my laptop

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    • ninegrandstudent

      I definitely agree! x

  • Jasey Jade

    I think I should get one of those hard drives!

    • ninegrandstudent

      They are so worth it if you have a lot of stuff saved, and you can easily split the cost with others too! x

  • emily

    Good post! The thing with insurance-yeah, I might have gotten a lot of my stuff cheaply over time, but if I suddenly had to replace it all, it would cost way more. Plus if you sit down and look at everything it really does start to add up–for example, I have one laptop ($1100) that I put a $300 solid-state drive (which I found on sale for $120, but if I had to replace it right now, I doubt I’d be able to find it for the same discount) in, then there’s a guitar with case, viola, 100 year old violin, both with cases…all the sudden that’s close to $5,000 worth of things and I haven’t even counted books yet. Insurance is definitely worth it.

    • ninegrandstudent

      I definitely agree. I have some priceless jewellery which I insure – yes I’d never get the sentimental value back, but at least its something! x

  • I insure my gadgets bc I’m so clumsy! I’m paranoid about dropping my laptop & phone. Definitely want to get a hard drive to back up my photos now I’ve started taking so many for my blog xx

    • ninegrandstudent

      Photos take up so much room, it’s definitely worth clearing your laptop down! x

  • Megan McMahon

    What a brilliant idea to do a post about – it never hurts to remind people to be safe! After having had my hard drive of my laptop die last year and told it would cost over $1000 to recover all of the files, I’ve been super cautious about backing it up ever since! Thankfully Apple replaced my hard drive free of charge but I can’t imagine how much it would’ve cost if they hadn’t! I’ve also only ever needed a new phone due to water damage – one incident with a mug of tea, then a bath, then a toilet…. You’re not the only one who needs to be a bit more careful haha!
    Megan x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Ouch, that’s a lot! I’d avoid water if I were you 😉 x

  • I need to invest in a portable hard drive! Right now I have all of my files backed on Dropbox and the like, but I would feel better also having a copy saved on a hard drive.

    I’m a pretty clumsy person but am usually good with not breaking things! (I tend to hurt myself more – haha I’m always covered in bruises and scrapes!) I’ve never had student insurance before but I definitely think it could be worth it for some people! I do have apartment insurance though, but I think that’s only in the case of emergencies (flood, fire, burglary, etc.)

    xx Kathryn

    • ninegrandstudent

      I mainly use dropbox, but I definitely like having them backed up elsewhere too! x