University: What It Can And Can’t Teach You

I’m a firm believer in that university is not the right path for every person (see more of my thoughts here). I’m also not convinced that degrees are really worth £9000 per year.

I’ve heard all of the explanations regarding the lab equipment for science students, the software for design students, but I’m still not convinced. I love university, don’t get me wrong, and I’m dreading the thought of leaving. But realistically? If there was another way to get into the career I want without saddling myself with loads debt I would never have gone.

 photo 3d3b4f41-87eb-4b9c-8279-eaf3ca86e377_zps5e960d34.jpgYes, it’s taught me how to survive nightmare housemates, and it’s brought me some of the best friends I’ve ever had (who made wonderful housemates!). I’ve learnt more about integration, root two, and Pi than I ever thought possible. I’ve made a massive start on my professional exams, I’ve learnt properly how to cook and budget. But what does university fail to teach you?

This infographic I found really interesting, and although I reckon a lot of the skills you have to seek out for yourself no matter what path you take, its a good guide to see what skills you might want to develop to make yourself more employable!

What University Can And Can

What University Can And Can’t Teach You [Infographic] by the team at TTR PT LIMITED

 What do you think? Do you think that degrees need to focus a little more on soft skills rather than academic theory? Is there anything you feel you missed out on at university? Are degrees worth it?