Fashion: The Nude Satchel

Neutral colours are everywhere this season. Camel coloured coats are hugely popular, and a certain Kylie Jenner has meant one of my most lusted after lipsticks is permanently out of stock. Other than lipstick, though, nude colours just don’t suit me. I’m too pale, too pink-toned, with too-ginger hair to pull them off. This bag is my concession to the nude trend.

 photo 7f392a89-4388-4d33-9dea-c604034ed455_zpstgpgorg8.jpgAnd, in my defence, I’ve wanted one in this colour since I first became aware of the Leather Satchel Company.

This arrived just before Christmas, along with a whole load of other goodies (the box weighed 7kg…). I actually got this as part of my affiliate work with the company; you all brought enough satchels with my code (which is no longer in use) for me to treat myself, my mum and my boyfriend to some shiny bags. This is my favourite.

 photo e1a54682-e096-4a5f-930c-fbcfef544e5e_zpsouqfpn6o.jpgIt almost tips my Oxblood one off the top spot. But not quite, so don’t panic! The colour is just so perfect, pale, brown enough not to look white, dark enough not to show too much dirt, and patent (so shiny!) makes sure that any dirty wipes straight off. My only wish is that I’d opted for popper fastenings on this one, as I’m worried the patent finish will start to crack on the straps.

 photo b874ec03-77a4-42a3-b81d-ba9bf8ce75a2_zpspejr3jnh.jpgAt 14″ this is big enough for a notepad. It justtttt squeeze in my camera (it’s not got an extended gusset), and I can fit in everything I need for a weekend. It fits my Chromebook perfectly too.

 photo 1efaaa8c-9be1-41b3-9bbc-567a71e0dd70_zpshrfqxcnh.jpgMade to the Leather Satchel Company’s high standards, the quality is outstanding. I could look for hours and not find any flaws. And as always, service was superb. I chose the satchels on the Friday, they turned up on the Monday. If I had a discount code for you all, I’d happily share it but unfortunately they’ve changed the scheme. Fingers crossed they have something exciting up their sleeves later in the year!

 photo 2015-01-18 16.22.26_zpsn6bvrfhw.jpgBut for now, go to their site and lust over their bags. I do this periodically. It might not be the flashiest of sites, but the bags are second to none. Far and away in terms of quality compared to others I’ve tested. And the colour on this one – amazing. I’d recommend you snap up a Naked Taupe whilst you can!

What bags are you using at the moment? Do you like the nude colour trend?