University: Seven Types of Students

I was sent this press release absolutely agessss ago; it’s been sitting in my inbox filed under the heading of “Read At Some Point, Un-Urgent” since then. Tell me I’m not the only person who does this?!

A sick day a few weeks ago finally cleared this folder down. I was at the point of feeling well enough not to lie at the ceiling, but still bad enough to know what anything beyond sitting in bed would be a bad plan. My Kindle was out of battery, I’d caught up with Broadchurch, and I don’t have Netflix (bummer!). Emails it was, and this amused me greatly;

The seven types of student spender

The team at have put splurging students into the following seven categories.

The Booze hound

Living up to the student stereotype, many budding academics choose to drink away their loan in pubs and clubs. Booze hounds can be seen stacking up on the two for one six pack deals at supermarkets for pre-drinks or getting the pints in on a night out. As they are often inebriated, these students are surprisingly generous when it comes to sharing their cash to buy some booze – which they never remember in the morning.

The Foodie lover

On the other end of the spectrum, some students prefer to fry away their loan on expensive dinners and cooking ventures. The foodie lover relishes a hearty meal and on a Friday night is more likely to be found steaming at the stove rather than the pub. These student-chef wannabes will also be obsessed with any TV programme mildly related to cooking and want to replicate all the dishes, no matter how expensive the ingredients are.

The Shop-o-holic

 Thrilled by the new four-figure balance in their account, some students choose to splash their cash on a whole new wardrobe. With many high-street stores pulling in students with tempting discounts, it is easy to see how quickly money can go on clothes and shoes. The shop-o-holic will always find an excuse to buy a new outfit, claiming they just have to have the latest handbag trend. Whilst they will look flawless in lectures, their diet may be reduced to beans on toast every night.

The Wanderluster

For those students who haven’t quite got the gap year out of their system, their money goes on travelling. The wanderluster will constantly tell you about their “amazing” ski season or “life-affirming” trip to Asia. They will spend most of their spare time working part-time in a restaurant to fund this expensive hobby and reminiscing over their holiday snaps on Instagram.

The Gym Bunny

With many students joining sports teams and societies, keeping fit is a top priority. For some, this means coughing up for an expensive gym membership that can cost up £250 per year. Protein shake in hand, gym bunnies consider exercise as a great “stress-buster” when actually it’s just another method of procrastination.

The Social Butterfly

University is a great time for making new friends, but at a price. The social butterfly never wants to miss out on an event and will say yes to anything. Gigs, cinema tickets and socials eat away slowly into their loan yet somehow they ALWAYS manage to make it.

The Bookworm

Believe it or not, some students do actually spend their money on their studies. The bookworm will happily splash their cash on brand new volumes and novels, insisting that they are “investments”. Along with the library fines they tot up, the bookworm will also buy lots of stylish stationery along with numerous notepads that even they know they will never use.

As I was reading this I was constantly trying to fit myself into one of the categories. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m mainly a Foodie Lover, but there’s elements of Shopoholic and Bookworm in there! And I don’t think this is relevant to just students either, I reckon most people could identify to one or two of these types! So ‘fess up, what type of spender are you?