University: Winter Essentials

Winter can be a really difficult time for students. Bills packages mean many are reluctant to turn the heating on, dark evenings can mean boredom, and dreary weekends mean less fresh air and exercise. Plus cold dark evenings often trigger a bit of depression, we all need comforting sometimes! I’ve been tasked by Logitech to come up with my student winter essentials…

 photo 00883175-3d92-45ea-a425-452c51ed274a_zpsjbhbrfld.jpg photo 7c265dc5-cee4-42d0-8308-0d2ad7f762f3_zpsmtoa28ff.jpgWrapping up warm is key for winter – and as I’m a huge scarf fan this isn’t difficult. I have far too many scarves, I love tartan so my trips up to Edinburgh often involve squeezing some new additions into my suitcase. I spent the heatwave up there last June, and one memorable shopping trip bought three tartan scarves, shorts, and after sun to soothe my very burnt shoulders! Blankets are also a necessity, not only as a backdrop to blog photos! I recently picked up an extremely cosy grey blanket from Home Sense for £19.99 – a bit of research later and I’ve discovered an RRP of £85. I’m now on the hunt for a grey Herringbone blanket, so send links my way! A blanket and some thick fluffy socks and you can keep your heating on low!

Comforting drinks are also high on the list – a cup of tea is my ultimate drink of choice. I’m currently cutting down on my standard strong-brew-with-plenty-of-milk-and-one-sugar and have been favoring fruity and flowery blends. Hot Chocolate is something I will never turn down, and I’ve been loving making my own mix this year. Though bonus points to W for creating the perfect mix which he gave me for Christmas, so thick, rich and indulgent!

 photo a9b59ddd-28ab-4b84-8314-f31f3d779b67_zpscmej8ojq.jpgTech-wise, I’ve found this Multi-Device Keyboard* a lifesaver this winter. I have around a 30 minute walking commute from work, and bad circulation in my hands. This often results in swelling and discomfort when I get in, to the point that texting is impossible. This keyboard connects to both my phone, tablet and laptop and allows me to send a quick text letting W know I’v survived the day. The stand makes it perfect for watching films through my tablet too, and the function keys allow volume adjustment and pausing to be effortless. A genuinely inventive bit of kit! I’m also extremely thankful for the torch* Logitech sent over in their winter survival kit (and the Baileys Hot Choc!) – the street light nearest my house has been dead for the last four weeks, so this has been great as I can actually see the lock when getting in…it will be getting lots of use next year as my student house is in a village. Curling up with a good book is the perfect way to cheer me up – with a blanket, a hot chocolate and my kindle is where you’ll almost certainly find me come 10pm right now. My Valentine’s present this year featured some Cyber-Jammies, and they are so worth it. Genuinely the softest and comfiest I’ve owner. And yep, I dropped chocolate mousse down them five minutes after putting them on for the first time…

 photo 0be7190f-82e4-49dd-985a-5426d9bdc59b_zpslfedbefu.jpgI couldn’t mention my winter essentials without looking at my beauty stash. Pixi Glow Tonic is a lifesaver for preventing flaky skin, this is the first winter I’ve used it and the difference has been amazing. Lip balms are absolutely necessary for me, to the point there’s one kept in every handbag. I’m pretty loyal to Burt’s Bees, but do own others through giveaway wins. Bodyshop ones are pretty good, and this Soap & Glory offering is great for adding a bit of colour too. Of course, cult favourite Nuxe Reve de Miel lives by my bed – though I have to say I think this is slightly overhyped!
 photo 597c927b-8bb2-4cec-ad5f-90d093184b7f_zpse8rxtv08.jpg

So that’s it, my winter essentials. Small disclaimer: I was sent over some goodies by Logitech for this post, but no money exchanged hands and as usual, my opinion is my own. If I didn’t love it, you’d know! Now, I’d love to know what you use to survive the winter?