Beauty: Work Appropriate Reds

I’m not a huge fan of nude lips, my skin tone just isn’t right for it. I’ve yet to find my perfect nude lipstick shade (I got close, but the lustre finish is just a little frosty for my liking), I much prefer to go down the bolder route. Yet sometimes red just doesn’t feel quite appropriate for a busy day at the office – I feel as though I stand out too much. I still adore my Matte Balm in Standout but it’s a little too bold for everyday wear. These alternatives are slightly muted, adding confidence without feeling too out there.

Work Appropriate Red Lipstick and Nail Polish photo 832aea16-1820-4704-8bcc-9af29793092d_zpsdi08roxg.jpgI adore red nails, but find they can look a little cheap. For my perfect look, a bright pillarbox red nail has to be short, square and perfectly manicured. My hands are never in that state, so I’m never happy with a red nail. This Barry M offering in Paprika has a slight burnt-orange tone which means it looks a little softer. I just wish these polishes wouldn’t chip so easily – I seem to be an aggressive typist and lose the edges virtually immediately!

MAC Hot Tahiti - Work Appropriate Red photo 78b362fe-b801-468b-a219-0beb826f0a65_zpswhckyfv5.jpgFrom tips to lips, and I’m in love with this MAC lipstick. Hot Tahiti is a glaze finish which I don’t hear that much about, but I can honestly say I’d look for more of them. Hydrating and extremely comfortable to wear, they are sheer without lacking pigment and (if this shade is anything to go by) leave a slight stain when they wear off. This shade is a darker toned red, warm and I find it looks wonderful against my paleness. It can easily be vamped up with a lip liner too (Max Factor are my choice), or blotted down to stay put for hours. I go through phases as to which shades are my favourite, but for a red lipstick, I don’t think this can be beaten!

Do you prefer bold or neutral makeup for work? Would you rock a red lip everyday?