Lifestyle: February Favourites

I can’t believe how quickly this year is going, two months down already! It’s been a scary three whole months since I was surprised with a curling trip for my 21st birthday, and I’ve been on my ‘get healthy’ routine for just over a month now. After a rather disappointing 2014, I’m determined 2015 will be my year. And what better way to stay positive than to remind myself of things I’ve loved recently…?

Vegan Blueberry Cake photo 2015-02-07 18.20.46_zpsiynvvb5x.jpgThis cake in Brighton. Myself and Libby went for a girly day of catching-up, shopping and eating. I spent far too much in Boots, failed at resisting to splurge of house items for next year, and destroyed my diet in GBK (which to be honest, kinda disappointed me after Byron). This Vegan Blueberry Cake from Catwalk Cakes was utterly delicious. Tart and tangy from the fruit, moist sponge and a ridiculously cream icing. Hard to believe it was vegan! More snaps from the day will be coming soon!

Traidcraft Cookies photo 84fdbb2c-68a8-41bb-906d-23612d36c22b_zpslsw5pne0.jpgKeeping on with the unhealthy theme, I was sent some TraidCraft cookies* a few weeks back, and really enjoyed them. More biscuity than cookie, with a very crumbly texture, they were perfect as a pre-bed snack. The ingredients made me feel slightly better about indulging, as they use fair-trade palm oil – apparently regular palm oil is one of the biggest contributors to rainforest destroying.

Steam Engine - Severn Valley photo f7b37a94-e47e-422b-a2ab-4a518934ed96_zpsdc5f2rjx.jpgI never expected myself to include a train-trip in my favourites, but I spent Saturday afternoon on the Severn Valley Steam Railway and had a blast. One of my loveliest friends hired out a carriage for his 21st, filled a table with sandwiches and cake, and off we went. An excellent Indian for dinner followed by more than a few hours in the pub, we kipped at a Travelodge and ate huge fry-ups the next day. Damn good weekend! A highlight was seeing the baby elephant from the train – so sweet, which wish I’d got a photo!

The Breakfast Scrub photo 2e9208c1-ff10-4895-bc21-66825087a2c1_zpsznsiqd1a.jpgOnto beauty and I’ve been trying to take a bit more care of myself. My moisturising regime fell apart over Christmas and I never got into it again. Result = mild eczema has returned, and my arms feel awful. I’ve loved returning to my old favourite The Breakfast Scrub for it’s delicious smell and actual scrubbiness. Staying on the theme of amazing smelling products, and I can’t not mention the Bodyshop’s Wild Argan moisturiser. It smells amazing, stinks in quickly, and is hydrating enough for the day (I prefer something richer at night). Just wish these scaly patches would up and disappear!

LVLoveLife Cookery Event Prawn Salad photo eebae8ef-3e9a-4161-873f-c57878e9884c_zpsg39nxnkm.jpgBack onto food, but something slightly more healthier! On Monday night I attended my first blogger event (!) at the Smart School of Cookery with LV. I’ll tell you more on Saturday, but I can honestly say I had the best evening; tasty food (which I will be recreating at home) and fabulous company. A particular mention to Immy May who made me feel super-welcome!

What have you been up to this month – anything exciting?