Fashion: Killing The Pain of Heels

I adore wearing heels, and since starting work in July I rarely wear flats. It might be the fact that I’m pretty short (I fit nicely under W’s armpit) but I just feel so much more confident and professional in a pair of heels! Plus my legs need all the slimming they can get in a pencil skirt…

 photo b4a646f0-d6a9-4042-a134-73f80d7b3ded_zpscvttl3xf.jpgThat said, heels can be painful, particularly if they don’t fit well. I’ve found that New Look (size 4) and M&S (size 3.5) fit me really well, though Primark (size 3) aren’t too bad, just a pain to get hold of! Even then after walking nearly two miles to work, wandering round town/the park at lunch and then walking back home it’s safe to say my feet definitely don’t feel as comfortable as they could! When I was offered the chance to try out some products from Premier Health I jumped at the chance to see whether I could help my poor little footies recover more easily in the evenings…

 photo b8034858-c93a-4726-a9cf-10ab899d59d9_zpszw0zbtug.jpg photo 37ad0017-b39d-4b17-8cfa-2d48e878c0bd_zpseljwjnns.jpgThe little red roller thing you see (I can’t find a link and can’t remember exactly what the packaging said it was!) has been a godsend for my aching arches. I have pretty flat feet so wearing heels is helping to correct this, but it’s painful. There are days when I curse my heels, but rolling this under foot really helps to take the pain away.

 photo b28054de-43d3-404e-88cd-ca7c73ab7c1c_zpsobvxmhmw.jpgThe foot care cream comes in a massive squeezy tube (far nicer for feet products than tubs – ahem Bodyshop) and is nicely moisturising, whilst sinking in quickly and feeling freshing. They also have a lighter and more minty-smelling lotion for ‘refreshing’ and ‘cooling’ which I am reserving for summer use.

 photo 438fc09b-518c-4262-b61a-e5d357346f86_zps2a2zddbh.jpgI’m even more in love with the smaller tube – it’s a heavy cream for cracks and dry skin (sorry!), and it is one of the best options I’ve used. I tend to use it before bed. Perhaps doesn’t help with heel wearing, but it will certainly go a long way to giving me presentable feet for flip-flop weather!

 photo 23c390ae-8272-4df1-a839-1d8df0423844_zpsfecdyoku.jpgOnto a long-standing favourite, and this spray from Bodyshop is great when you have a burning pain from wearing heels or going for a run. It’s instantly cooling and soothing, although it doesn’t smell great. And don’t forget to check where you are spraying it – it stings eyes like hell!

 photo faeba61d-3bee-4753-bbd0-943882918d21_zpsuabxromi.jpgSaving one of the best til last is this gel pad. I’ve never been a fan of these before as they slid around and made my shoes fit weirdly. This is slightly different to others in that it sticks to your foot and not your shoe – and it stays there all night. I wouldn’t use these everyday, but I’ve found them great for days when my team socialises after work. I’ll slip these on when leaving the office and feel like I’ve only just put my heels on.

 photo 477ed5b4-03be-405a-a613-a85ba9903af7_zps0de1zktf.jpgOf course, another way to help with the pain? Remember to walk to/from work in flats and take heels with me.

Do you wear heels regularly? What are your tips for relieving the pain of them?

  • i rarely wear heels at all for this reason! >< I might invest in some of these so i can

    • ninegrandstudent

      They are painful, but these products have really helped! x

  • Grace Ziegfeldgirl

    i never wear heels! only if i am going to a wedding or a special occasion! if i am wearing heels i can’t be without a pack of plasters, i always manage to get blisters!

    • ninegrandstudent

      I get blisters so easily, even in flat shoes I wear daily! I remember having to bandage my feet up in college as I had too many blisters to use plasters! x

  • Jennifer K

    I love wearing heels, but spending all day on my feet means that it’s just not practical to wear them on placement. Plus the noise of me tapping along the hospital corridors and wards isn’t ideal either! I used to wear a pair of heeled shoes to school though, plus walking home for 40+ minutes and I think the comfort was mostly due to the fact they were such good quality shoes. These days if I do happen to be wearing heels out, I try to spend some time sat down – and if I can put my feet up, even better! Plus a good soak afterwards and a massage with some nice foot cream always soothes them.
    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • ninegrandstudent

      Oh gosh, I’d never wear them if I didn’t have a (mainly) desk job! Good quality shoes are a must, I had a pair from Clarks which lasted years! x

  • emily

    I never wear heels…I’m just the opposite of you, they made me feel off-balance and unprofessional. A nice shiny pair of ballet flats on the other hand makes me feel polished and professional! Anyway, I’ve just decided to embrace the shortness (5’2″, and I work in a very male-dominated field which just means that EVERYONE is taller than me) and remind the old boys club that tiny women can be powerful too 🙂

    • ninegrandstudent

      I’m in a male dominated field too, just wish I could feel as confident as you in flats! It’s also the issue with my boyfriend – without heels I have to stretch up to give him a hug! x

  • I love the photography in this post, it’s so creative, and also some very good tips obviously!
    Hannah xx

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thank you! x