Personal: Mum In A Million

My mum is awesome, and I was already planning a post on here to tell you all about her especially for Mother’s Day (it’s this Sunday so remember to pick up a card!). It seems as though Parkdean Holidays had the same idea when they asked me to write about why my mum is a ‘mum in a million.’

It was really hard to think of specific reasons, because my mum just is great. I was the girl in secondary school who didn’t mind going for a girly shopping day with mum – and actually some of my friends used to come along too. My mum was actually given crown as the coolest mum in my group of friends, and not just cos she makes an awesome lasagne (sob, damn allergy!). But here’s just some of the reasons why she’s a mum in a million…
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She Knows Exactly What’s Best For Me

Just over five years ago I was in the processing of looking at A-Level subjects, and thinking about whether I wanted to move schools. There was a very good sixth form at the local Boy’s school but I was adamant I didn’t want to apply, I didn’t stand a chance of getting  in etc. A good few arguments later and I sulked my way to the open evening. Loved the school on the spot, was devastated when I just missed out on the place, then cried when I successfully appealed. Not only did I get a chance to study the exact subjects I wanted to, taught by some of the best teachers, I found my confidence again. And without being made to consider this school, I wouldn’t have met Will. So yep, Mum’s always know best!

She Makes Me Mould Myself Into A Better Person

Without being pushed I wouldn’t have gone to university, I wouldn’t have done the course I loved (but thought was too difficult for me). I would have taken the ‘easier’ option of a placement alongside one of my best friends rather than going it alone. She reads through my CV to improve it, despite not really understanding what I do.

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She Arranged a Fab 21st Birthday For Me

Not only did she manage to arrange something so utterly perfect for me (read about it here), but she and the rest of the family managed to keep it secret until the night before. Even then it was my nan that spilled it..I spent a lot of my time off work over my birthday with my mum, it was so lovely to have some quality time!

She’d Do Virtually Anything for Her Daughters

I’d been at university for two weeks when she drove to Kent from the midlands to see me, then drove me all the way back and an hour further on to be reunited with Will. All because she wanted to see me smile. I’m so grateful for that day, and for everything else she’s done!

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She’s NOT Sympathetic

Anyone who knows my mum will agree with this. A complaint of a headache will result in a packet of painkillers being thrown in our direction, a cry about exams will get me a chat: “we go through this every year, and every year you do amazingly.”

Yet having said that, she is sympathetic when she needs to be. She looked after me after my nose operation, including sitting on my feet when my hallucinations made me feel like my legs were floating. And after my last A-Level maths exam (which really didn’t go as well as it should have done), when I burst into tears in the middle of town, she bought me chocolate and let me be miserable for an evening.

She Knows What Suits Me

My mum is the only person who I would trust to buy me makeup (she did well on her last trip through duty-free, picking me up MAC Craving which I’ve loved ever since). I would also trust her to pick me up clothes, she instinctively knows if I will love something and what size I will need. Not only that, she shares the same taste in music – we’re desperate to see Bon Jovi, and saw Tom Jones last summer too.

She Would Always Write A Note for PE

Well, not always. But if it was that time of the month, or if I’d had a bad night’s sleep I’d know I could always get out of it. Particularly handy when it came to the football lessons each year – it just wasn’t my thing!

Disclaimer: I was asked to write this post advertising Parkdean Holiday’s Mother’s Day competition, which you can find and enter here. I was sent some goodies to compensate for my time, but no money exchanged hands… 

…And, obviously, all opinions are my own. Because my mum is awesome and definitely one in a million! Why is your mum the best?