Beauty: Go-To Blushers

Blusher is something I’ve been getting into recently. I only had one up until this time last year, and even then my collection has expanded at a much slower speed than my lipstick one! I currently have four in regular use, and as soon as summer hits I’ll pick up a few MUA cream options (I’ve found they go a bit dodgy with non-regular use).

 photo 2015-02-08 15.36.57_zpsybxdhtqs.jpg photo 55b4345c-7d5e-4bcc-b173-4d4a92518ea4_zpsgqei5pgl.jpgI’ve had them less than a matter of weeks, but I’m in love with Max Factor’s new baked blushes. Dubed a dupe of the Hourglass powders (I’m not convinced!), they are pigmented and offer a good finish – not matte, powdered, glittery or overly obvious. The main bonus is the colours as they are PERFECT for pale girls. I’m virtually a piece of paper at the moment, pale to the point that all Nars shades are too dark. These, with a bit of decent blending, apply lightly enough for me to look presentable. And not like I’ve gone through mummy’s make up at the age of three…The lighter brown shade is a perfect contour for me, and the pink adds just the right about of flush. I’m desperate to try a more mauve shade, but my local boots doesn’t have any testers…

 photo aec2ff77-a0f7-4b48-b938-f9370b2e3456_zpscjoyssjx.jpgI’ve spoken about my one and only MAC blush before – I still love it, it’s still scarily pigmented, but I have to say I wouldn’t rush to MAC in the search for blushers. I do want to try one of their finishing powders though!

 photo f6685f27-37b0-41eb-93fa-129b45bc4683_zps1uqd2iva.jpgAnd now onto cult-classic Nars Douceur. Apparently discontinued, this is a gorgeous, gorgeous shade. Slightly pink, vergining on brown, completely matte. This adds definition and colour to my face in the most natural way possible, yet it makes me look so much better. I’m going to be gutted when this runs out, though apparently Tarte Exposed is a good match. I have no idea why this was discontinued, I’m sure if Nars had any sense they would bring it back. And produce a foundation pale enough for me. For now I’m trying to ration this, though more often than not it’s the one I reach for daily. It’s just completely foolproof, completely made for my skintone.

As you can see, I’m a powder blush girl, and to that end a good blusher brush is absolutely necessary. I’m a fan of Bodyshop’s brushes for powder and bronzer, and I still use them a lot. I recently failed to resist the Tapered Blush brush from the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection, and though the price made me wince I do love it. It gets right into my cheekbones and makes ridiculous light work of blending. Overpriced? Yes. Pretty? Yes. And I do want to try some of the others in the range, the contour brush will be mine on payday!
 photo 6b26bda3-d874-4d80-b685-fa7fa27019ae_zps9vf2nki0.jpg

Are you a fan of blushers? What’s your go-to blush?