Lifestyle: The A-Z of Me (#1)

I saw this ‘tag’ pop up over on Little Miss Katy (possibly my favourite blog) and just couldn’t resist doing it! I love sharing little bits about me on here – the blogs I love are where the personality of the blogger really comes across.

 photo What Makes Me_zpsncl6cmkv.pngI have so many ideas for my blog right now that I’m not sure where it’s going, so hang on with me! After a few tweaks I’m almosttt happy with my new design too. If only the responsiveness would work reliably! Now, I’m only doing A-M here as otherwise this will be a rather long post, keep an eye out for the rest of it…
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A – Actuary

I’m a huge maths-geek and chose to study Actuarial Science at university. Currently halfway through a year’s placement and I know becoming an actuary is definitely what I want to do…I’m pretty much signing away to no social life and twice-yearly exams for a good while!

B – Boys

Despite being a bit of a girly-girl makeup and dress wise, I’m much more comfortable around guys – which is good given my career choice! I went to a Boy’s school for sixth form and, whilst I love my uni girls to bits, I do miss it hugely!

C – Curls

When I was a toddler my hair was properly curly, it then went straight until I had layers put in. It’s more wavy than curly, extremely thick, and difficult to do much with. A good hairdresser is a must, as is experimenting with products. But I have straightened my hair once in 4.5 years, so I do love it natural!
 photo 2014-11-09162706-1_zps6fa069e9.jpg

D – Dresses

I own two pairs of trousers, both of them jeans (and one pair is a new addition). I’m much more comfortable in dresses and skirts.

E – Eloise

I have a “little” sister called Eloise – a combination of mine and my mum’s middle names. There’s six years between us so she’s still pre-GCSE, but she’s exceptionally clever, and not so little – I think she was 12 when she realised she was taller than me!

F – Fry Ups

I love a good fry-up, I don’t think you can beat it. My ideal is bacon, black pudding, egg and toast – sausage is a bit unnecessary. I don’t think they are necessarily too unhealthy either, so I have a couple a month.
 photo 2015-02-01 15.34.41_zps6bbgq3yv.jpg

G – Geese

I’m terrified of geese. I have no idea why, but they scared me so much as a child and that feeling has never quite gone away.

H – Hazelnut

My favourite nut! It started with a love of nutella (give me a spoon and a jar and my evening is made!), but I love snacking on the roasted nuts, drinking hazelnut milk, and adding the syrup to hot drinks. So good!
 photo 2015-01-31 21.13.20_zpsxkqbhiwd.jpg

I – Ice Cream

Another food item – I’m greedy alright! I’ve enjoyed ice cream my entire life, using family cruises as an excuse to find the best – so far one in Sicily has yet to be beaten.

J – Jigsaws

I used to love doing jigsaws when I was younger, and I kind-of want to buy one of those rolls so I can do some bigger/harder ones now.

K – Knitting

I’ve been trying to learn to knit for well over a year, and it’s not going so well! I keep getting into knots and taking it all apart – it’s so infuriating and I get so grumpy with it! My aim is to try and make a scarf for next winter, fingers crossed! I’ve been using this site for instructions, also where the picture above is from, and I highly recommend it!

L – Leicester

I grew up in Leicestershire, and love the city centre for shopping. It’s definitely my go-to place outside of London if I need anything, a lovely mix of high-street and high-end. Plus the John Lewis is huge, heaven in a shop! The countryside is also pretty beautiful.
 photo ae571a53-6b34-4cd9-aace-19866e9f8181_zps5c35369d.jpg

M – Memories

Making memories is really important to me, but more than anything I’m scared of forgetting them. My granddad suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, and it’s one I don’t think has nearly enough effort going towards finding a cure. Because of it I ‘lost’ my granddad nearly four years ago – he’s still alive but hasn’t recognised me or anyone for that long. It’s not just the memories, it’s the change in personality, and the financial costs involved. I know that if it’s in my genes nothing can really help, but I try to eat as healthily as possible, do memory exercises, and also try and write down highlighters of my life – I love my line-a-day diary for this!

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