Beauty: At Home Facial with A REN Dupe

I rarely stray from my skincare staples and if I do, it’s never, ever unresearched. I have products I have used for years which I thoroughly rely on, and any additions are subject to hours of googling. I never go and browse skincare aisles, I’d never pick something up without reading tens of blog posts first. But somehow I picked up this tube way back in January. My face was suffering from a combination of a new consultant-enforced diet and Christmas excess, it was dull and I was fed up.

 photo b8fea30a-d34b-4600-b811-a73f47f34116_zpsy4lh3fnj.jpgTurns out picking something up on a whim isn’t always a bad thing!

 photo d864e3ee-a829-4e35-88df-7b2bee8190a5_zps7rni65hb.jpgThe B. Revealed Glycolic Cleanser has become a staple. I wouldn’t use this as a cleanser, as the box seems to suggest, as I’m not convinced it could cope with makeup or daily grime. I reckon it could also be a bit harsh to use more often than weekly, whilst there’s no noticeable stinging I do feel my face is slightly inflamed and sore for a few hours after use. But it’s worth it! A thin layer smoothed over dry, clean skin, gently washed off after three minutes, doesn’t give instant results. It’s the next morning when, after my first cup of tea, I take note of what’s looking out of the mirror at me. Skin that looks as fresh as can be, a real glow, any dullness banished. Whilst it doesn’t really help clear up spots, I feel does unclog the pores on my nose slightly.

 photo 9972d073-425d-4de6-a79d-a98d5d63d1f6_zpsfxs92ers.jpgIt’s not a miracle worker, not by any means. Effects aren’t particularly long-lasting, but they are there. It would be the perfect mask to use the night before a day out, and using weekly has kept my skin looking pretty healthy recently. I’ve been alternating using this with the cult REN Glycolic Radiance Renewal mask and the verdict? The REN version smells nicer, and is a lot more of a treat to use. But the results are indistinguishable, and the price different not insignificant – the B. version is £8 a tube, but virtually always half price. And I’d choose it anyday, more pennies for lipsticks!

Have you tried any B. skincare? I’m currently looking for an oil or serum suitable for sensitive dehydrated skin, so send recommendations my way!