Lifestyle: The A-Z of Me (#2)

I had such a lovely response to the first part of this post, I couldn’t wait to get the second installment up!

 photo What Makes Me_zpsncl6cmkv.pngN – Nose

I had a relatively intensive nose operation in Summer 2013 to correct it’s deformed shape and stop me having constant severe sinus infections. The result is a slightly different nose shape and virtually no colds – but the recovery was pretty horrendous. I genuinely can’t see why someone would have their nose done for cosmetic reasons as it was complete agony for weeks.

O – Obviously

I am of the generation that was the perfect age for both Busted and McFly. I love McFly – although their early stuff is so much better. Obviously and All About You are some of my favourite songs even now. I’m hoping to have tickets to see McBusted at a local festival, seeing as I missed out on their tour.

P – Pigeons

I hate the things. I swear the ones in my current town make it their mission to just miss my head each morning.

Q – Quiet

I’m quite a quiet person until I feel really comfortable with people – and that can take a long time. It’s only in the past month I’ve felt able to be myself at work, despite loving it and my team, just because I’m worried people will judge me. Perhaps a resolution for this year should be to be more outgoing?!

 photo 47e5802c-e5ba-4d87-bc53-318aa387807e_zpslrr7dulz.jpgR – Reading

I adore reading, always have. I’d much sooner have my head in a book than watch TV. I love books a little like Jody Picoult’s – though I find hers to be a little predictable. I’ve recently read a few that I just literally couldn’t put down.

S – Switzerland

W’s parents generously took me to Switzerland with them after our A-Level exams and I fell in love with the country. It’s absolutely beautiful, so much to see and do, and you could quite literally sunbathe by the lakes and play in the snow in the mountains on the same day. The day we went to the Jungfrau there was a blizzard on top, and I got sunburnt in the valley.

 photo 2015-02-15 18.30.16_zpsnc4llb2f.jpgT – Tee-J

My gorgeous dog. We adopted him at the age of 13 months way back in 2007, and he was completely and utterly terrifying! Whilst not aggressive in any way, he hadn’t been trained at all. He would playbite (with a full set of adult teeth), and could jump from sitting onto anything. Including the dining room table. He’s calmed down a lot now, we wouldn’t be without him!

 photo 2015-01-24 11.59.31_zpsici62gs8.jpgU – Underwear

Slightly embarrassing, slightly personal. But I do love underwear – a pretty set makes all the difference. Finding out Topshop stock my size was call for a celebration. And a few purchases!

V – Valentine’s

I’m not sure I totally see the point of Valentine’s – I don’t want or need a day to tell W I love him, and I damn well hope he doesn’t either! But it is nice to have a soppy card and a little gift. And a day in the kitchen together!

 photo ArthursSeat1_zps1e89b3f7.jpgW – William

Obviously! I met Will at the start of sixth form, being in his PE, Chemistry and Maths classes. I was failing Chemistry, he was clever and offered to tutor me – and we were together about three weeks into term! I haven’t looked back since…

X – X-Rays

I’ve had an extraordinary amount of x-rays considering I’ve never actually broken anything. I had severe growing pains as a child so was x-rayed to check everything was in place (it was). I got hit by a pushbike and damaged by arm – turns out it was whiplash in my arm. I’ve had my intestines x-rayed as apparently it’s quite useful according to my gastro-consultant. I couldn’t see a lot to be fair. And I had multiple of my face when getting braces and having my nose done (see N).

Y – Yachts

I love the sea, I love swimming in it or being on a boat. So I desperately want my own yacht. I think I’d suit one too… #PrRequest

 photo Meerkat1_zpsfa7467ac.jpgZ – Zoo

Perhaps an obvious choice, but I LOVE zoos. I want to hate them as I don’t like the thought of animals being caged up…so I make a point of visiting ‘nice’ zoos that do a lot of conservation work. My dream is to go on a safari, but I think that’s a long way off right now!

Hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little more about me! What kind of posts would you like more of here?