Recipe: Creme Egg Brownies

You might have got the impression yesterday, but just to make it clear: I LOVE CREME EGGS.

 photo 2015-04-01 18.25.33_zpsw3wlkjys.jpgI’ve never been hugely tempted by creme egg brownies. They are fine on their own, and brownies are perfect as they are (they are my go-to bake if I’m honest). But this year I’m unimpressed with the lack of dairy milk in creme eggs, and found myself not really wanting to eat my stash. So creme egg brownies it is.

 photo 2015-04-01 18.24.54_zpstrbg3btk.jpgBeing on a diet, I did just my mayonnaise recipe, which tbh is a damn good brownie recipe. I made up the mix, baked for half the time, added in the creme eggs, and finished off baking. Pretty damn simple. And because the brownies were healthier ones, I added some mini eggs too. Because they are also one of my favourites. And I knew I wouldn’t need a whole bag so had an excuse to eat them.

These aren’t the most attractive of bakes, they are sickly sweet and best in small doses. But they cheer up a long afternoon, which is just what I needed this week – even a four day week seemed never-ending!

Ingredients for Creme Egg Brownies;

  • Use my mayonnaise brownie recipe – please don’t laugh at the photos!
  • 1 packet of mini creme eggs
  • 1 packet of mini eggs (you should have some left!)

 photo 2015-03-31 19.15.45_zpsdciwzxnh.jpgMake up the mayonnaise brownies – melt the chocolate, stir through the sugar, gradually add the coffee until smooth. Beat egg and mayo together, and stir into the chocolate mixture. Mix flour and cocoa powder, fold into the chocolate-mayonnaise goo.

 photo 2015-03-31 20.59.46_zpswel0e0ug.jpgBake the brownie mix at 180C for 12 minutes. Add the eggs – push in as much as possible without burning yourself. Bake for another 8-10 minutes. I left my brownies fudgy and underbaked, but add a little more flour and bake for a little longer for cakier versions.

Cool complete, they slice into small squares. I like my Creme Egg Brownies best with a glass of milk and a good book.
 photo 2015-03-29 17.47.03_zpsjgapcve1.jpg

Have you baked with creme eggs before? What are your plans for Easter weekend?