University: Graduating With a STEM Subject

Next summer I’ll be graduating (hopefully!) from Kent University with a degree in Actuarial Science – which is pretty much mathematics applied to finance and risk. I can calculate life insurance premiums, I can produce a company’s income statement. But how easy is it for a STEM graduate (that’s a graduate from a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical background) to find a job? I received this infographic and, whilst it’s aimed at Engineering students (W take note!), I found it quite interesting;

 photo 04f3618d-67f6-4753-aa1f-f9f6161a75d4_zpsmdmboahr.jpgIt was interesting to read about the male-female split. Whilst it’s not something I’ve noticed hugely on my course at university (I’d say it’s approximately 50-50), it’s been really apparent whilst on placement that’s it’s a male dominated environment even for my area. I’m planning on working in insurance, and my current team is very male. Whilst I don’t think it’s biased towards either gender, I find that the skill-set is probably more typically male – mathematical, logical, and able to stick to your guns. I’d also agree with the student split in the infographic – my degree is VERY heavily dominated by international students. I’d be surprised if 30% in my lectures were home students if I’m honest…which goes to show how good my university is for actuarial subjects! I’m also taking note of the average starting salary – though I’m predicting mine to be higher (whoop!) it is interesting to see that STEM students expect decent payrises alongside career progression. Take a look here;



*Sponsored post in collaboration with STEM Graduates, all opinions are my own.

What kind of subjects did/do you enjoy most – were you arty, or more STEM-orientated? 

  • Personally, I study a BA in English Literature, but I attended a lecture on Women in Science which discussed STEM subjects and the drive to get more females in to the subjects. I found it really interesting, and see it as a really good thing that people are starting to take notice of the unequal divide and make changes for the better 🙂

    • ninegrandstudent

      It has started to improve, but it is shocking when you hear the attitudes of some older workers – I got asked if I would be attempting to qualify as I’d be off having children…and that was by my lecturer at university! x

  • I guess I’m more STEM-orientated. I wouldn’t mind going back and doing mathematics once I’m finished with my degree but I’m not sure how I could combine that with Veterinary Science. I’m curious how long is your degree? Best of luck with graduating! 🙂

    • ninegrandstudent

      My degree is three years, but I’m doing an extra placement year – so I’m currently working now (hence the slightly more extravagant posts as I’m earning!). I’ll graduate next year, but I have about four years worth of professional exams alongside working to do before I qualify 🙂 x

  • It’s alright if you’re an engineering/maths/chemistry STEM grad. As a biologist I’m facing an unsure time at the end of my PhD 🙁

    • ninegrandstudent

      Good point, I never thought of the differences in science subjects! x