Beauty: Save or Splurge?

I’ve been a bit spendy since last July (hello full-time wage) but knowing I’ll be back to student loan living come September means I haven’t got my thriftiness. I still love highstreet finds, I’m perfectly happy to rummage through charity shops (in fact I occasionally set a whole day aside to do just that!). But there are a few things I’ve splurged on and not regretted it at all – and I’ll probably continue to buy these as opposed to saving a few pennies with cheaper items!

 photo 8529c880-9fe3-4da4-89af-76a4d4ceded0_zpsble5s3cg.jpgSo what do I save on? For me, items which I prefer to pick up cheaper are skincare (everything from moisturizers to cleansers), foundations and concealers. My all-time favourite moisturizer comes in at £4.99 full price (though I usually bulk-buy when it’s on offer). The Garnier Moisture Match range has something for everyone, but the glow-inducing SPF one is my go-to. I’ve used it for years and I’d be gutted if it was discontinued. With foundations, I’m always scared to go high-end in case it breaks me out – what a waste of money that would be! Rimmel do the perfect pale shade that has just the right under-tone for me, and with a variety of finishes there’s one for every occasion. Especially now I’ve finally thrown away my bottle of Wake Me Up – now that was a foundation I hated!

 photo 4d3b6fcd-ef8b-41af-afad-c348947a1579_zpstg8oxbob.jpgSplurging is the much more fun option! I have used Pixi Glow Tonic for a while, and whilst some would consider an £18 toner to be cheap it’s definitely a considered purchase for me. But a bottle does last a good six or so months, and it really does keep my skin in tip-top condition. My Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette was a 21st gift, I adore it though the price still makes me wince. It’s impossible to cake this on, and my skin always looks so radiant. I’m half-tempted to purchase a single pan of the middle-toned shade…that might have to go on the Christmas list though! I picked up one of the Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes, crying inside as I handed over my card. I love the look of it and love how it applies blusher. But £20+?! I’d love some of the others but I doubt it will happen anytime soon! My most regular splurge is probably MAC lipsticks. I wouldn’t say they are worth the price, but the colour range means I’ll always find what I’m looking for, and they have a variety of warm-toned options which I think the high-street struggles with.

 photo d6438dc9-0fa1-40a9-be0f-b93d8f8e9925_zps8wjue4sc.jpgI much prefer to save my money, particular on frequent buys – I love watching my savings climb higher with each pay-check, and knowing that my strict saving this year has meant I can afford a rather nice flat in London for the summer. I make my own lunches, I don’t buy coffee and I have a tight food budget. But I do have my treat items, and I have been adding to my wardrobe a fair bit. After-all, I’m not working hard to not treat myself!

Are you a high-end fan or a high-street girl? What are your treat items?