Lifestyle: Time for an Upgrade?

Mobile phones are the bane of my life. I seriously have the worst luck with them!

 photo 8b71cff1-d327-4905-be59-ae6c7c65d477_zpsr5aqvfb3.jpgMy first one was the only one that never caused me a problem. Long live the Nokia 3310! It went down hill from there. The Motorola Razr with dodgy hinge. The Samsung Tocco with no back and unpredictable touchscreen. The Samsung Galaxy S1 – if you turned it off, it never turned on again. It would have to be sent off for repair each time. Eventually they replaced it with an S2. This was better, but my first landed in a puddle as I fell (SOBER!) out of a taxi. The replaced version was dreadful, it never charged, overheated, and kept telling me there was no SIM inside.

 photo cdb24974-574a-4192-8e8f-d2e9048987aa_zpseshs8qew.jpgMy current phone is the HTC One, and other than the DREADFUL camera I did like it. Until just before Christmas, when it decided making calls was beyond it. I would ring and hear nothing, despite the other side answering. They would ring and I would answer, but the call wouldn’t connect. Not ideal when you live on your own. My contract is up at the end of August and I honestly have no clue where to go next (I’m not an Apple person). When I was offered the chance to trial a Nokia phone, I wasn’t going to say no!

My first go at a Nokia since the glorious 3310, I was expecting good things. And mostly this phone delivered.

 photo ddaadefb-ec87-4b18-9054-7b167d041c99_zpsiwmoambq.jpgI wasn’t a huge fan of the brightly coloured back. I like my technology to look sleek and expensive, I usually stick to black pieces. This felt a bit cheap-looking and I was self-conscious using it. That said, I loved the size of it. Yes, it’s huge. No, I can’t use it one-handed. But I do like big phones, I use my phone for watching TV and reading blogs so a big (and incredibly crisp) screen was a massive bonus.

 photo 7a3cd91f-42a6-4aca-a20a-4e7c465a8201_zpsq5swrscx.jpgThe camera was excellent. Not as good as my Canon, but infinitely better than my HTC. The size meant it was also easy to hold to phone steady, leading to good quality snaps.

 photo 681ebf77-e217-45bb-9064-27cae44bda4f_zps3g4wj77g.jpgThe speed of the phone also gets a big thumbs up from me. No laggy keyboard, apps loaded immediately, no jerky scrolling. This packs in a powerful processor and it shows – it’s incredible how quickly phone technology is advancing.

 photo 4a7ad006-e891-40c8-aac2-0ce4bddcc60b_zpsf6a2llef.jpgAnother downside though, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Windows system. I loved having Windows applications on my phones (hello spreadsheets!) but the menu design and lack of apps (no Instagram, no Bloglovin) made it hard to love the phone as a whole. This was the dealbreaker for me.

 photo 5e1c206f-621e-49de-ba5c-f4f19b7e89b5_zps2a0l5noa.jpgHad the phone (in a less bright colour) been available as an Android option, I’d buy one in an instant. The size, the tech behind it, everything was great. But I just couldn’t get on with the Windows operating system and limited apps, and for that reason it is likely I’ll be sticking with Android. The only question now is what to look at next!

What phone do you have? Do you recommend it?!

  • Embouteillage/Atasco

    They have a version of Instagram on the windows store, and in my opinion it’s actually better than the original version! It’s called 6tag πŸ™‚ I’ve gone through three windows phones now, so I’m used to the system, and it’s actually easy to use, it just takes a little getting used to πŸ™‚ That phone screen is definitely too big for me though! Great post πŸ™‚

    • ninegrandstudent

      Ah, wish I’d know that whilst I still had the phone on trial! x

  • I’m so sad that you’ve had bad experiences with the Samsung S phones! I’ve been loyal now since the original Galaxy S1, and I’ve had the S1, S2 and am currently on the S4. Rich had the S3, and is now on the Note 3 and we love our phones. I’d always stick with a flagship Samsung as I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the smaller ones. My contract is up in a few months and I’m torn between the new Galaxy S6 and the Note. I just don’t know!!

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

    • ninegrandstudent

      I had some awful experiences, but I’m tempted to go back to Samsung. Will see what deals are available when August hits! x

  • Jennifer K

    I have a Samsung S5 that generally behaves itself, although has recently started to have a couple of funny moments of freezing now that it’s a year old. I love the size of it, the good availability of apps, the speed and the excellent camera. Like you, I don’t think I’d get on very well with a Windows phone. I’d consider an iPhone in future, but I’m not sure it would be particularly good value for me – I barely use any of my texts, data or minutes on a cheap-ish contract as it is!

    I’ll be upgrading in about a year’s time… hopefully there will be a perfect option for me by then!
    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • ninegrandstudent

      I definitely don’t want an iphone, but that’s as far as I’ve got! I’m half tempted to try and see if my HTC will last a bit longer so I keep it until I graduate, but the lure of a shiny new phone might be too much! x