University: The Student Advantage Card

One of my most treasured possessions is my student card. I never pick up anything without checking if it’s eligible for student discount, as a loyal New Look fan it gets pretty regular use.

 photo 40125005-e185-4ca2-99bf-f928a065ddee_zpsbns5gmrg.jpgOne student discount card I hadn’t come across before now is the Student Advantage Card, and right now you can pick one up free (+ p&p costs). Definitely a bargain compared to NUS cards!


From paintballing to zoos, clothes to meals out, even driving lessons, this card will save you money at over 3500 locations across the UK. I’d suggest checking on the website as to what deals are available in your area as they are a bit more limited that the usual NUS…but it’s still well worth picking up! I’m pretty sure it might also get you access to Bella Italia’s secret menu too…though don’t quote me on that!

 photo How-It-Works-Banner_zpswjgzjgzj.jpgThey also have a pretty cool calculator so you can estimate how much you could save with one of the cards. It calculated I could save £25.20 in a year…which I was a little disappointed about, but equally the discounts available in the area I’m currently living in are very limited (as there’s no university nearby I can understand why!). I know that my NUS paid for itself immediately when I hit Joules one year (whoops, though it was technically a birthday present!).

You can get a one-year discount card free at the moment, with just delivery charges to pay. Check out if you are eligible here, and get ordering and saving!

This is a sponsored post, but as always all opinions are my own. 

Do/did you take full advantage of student discounts? I know I do, probably too much…it’s so tempting knowing New Look have 20% off at the moment!