Recipe: Coconut Flapjacks

After making some pretty delicious Peanut Butter Flapjacks a few weeks ago I’ve been craving more oat-y treats. Wanting to cut down on my usage of butter and having a few tubs of coconut oil in the cupboard meant that Coconut Flapjacks were born.

Or Bounty Oat Bars.

 photo IMG_2197_zps3kiu3x3x.jpgWhatever way you look at it, these are tasty. Chewy. Coconutty. A hit of chocolate. Crunch from cocoa nibs. Not the healthiest of things, but I find something bad in the middle of the afternoon stops me snacking for the rest of the day. And homemade naughtiness is definitely the way to go.

 photo IMG_2192_zpstmqpbfgg.jpgIngredients

  • 200g coconut oil
  • 200g honey (or golden syrup)
  • 150g sugar (dark brown is best, but ordinary granulated still works well)
  • 400g oats
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa nibs (optional, but adds a good crunch)
  • A scattering of shaved coconut (again, option, but looks pretty…)
  • 50g milk chocolate

 photo IMG_2193_zpsmelzcazg.jpgPop the coconut oil, honey and sugar into a saucepan (measure it in the pan to reduce washing up), and heat on a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. The mix won’t be completely incorporated. Stir through the oats until they are all sticky, and mix through the cocoa nibs.

 photo IMG_2195_zpswdvcupll.jpgTip into an 8″ lined tin, scatter with the coconut shavings, and press down hard with a spoon. Bake at 170C for 20 mins, or until golden brown. Score into pieces with a knife and allow to cool.

 photo IMG_2194_zpsk77rxzsf.jpgNow I have a pretty cool tip for drizzling chocolate, courtesy of my dad. Pop the squares of chocolate into a bag and tie tightly. Bring a saucepan of water up to a simmer, remove from the heat, and add the bag to the water. Keep a hold of it so it doesn’t touch the side of the pan (it will melt the plastic). Keep immersed until the chocolate has melted, then dry the bah, cut off a corner, and use as you would a piping bag. Drizzle the chocolate over the flapjacks, leave to set, then fully cut into pieces. Enjoy over the next few days.

 photo IMG_2198_zpsay7vk1us.jpgThese really are stunningly flavoured flapjacks. More interesting than traditional ones, yet far nicer than ones with added fruit. These are like a healthier bounty bar – and could be made healthier without the chocolate. But I’m not a saint…

Are you a fan of Bounty bars? Would you try this flapjack version?

  • I’m a bit obsessed with coconut at the moment! These sound so good!

    Nosebag NI | Food & Lifestyle –

    • ninegrandstudent

      Same here, though I left my coconut oil at my parents when I made these…gutted! x

  • Hazel Jane

    These look so delicious! I’m a huge fan of flapjacks and having a love affair with coconut oil at the moment, so I might have to give these a go!

    Hazel xx

    • ninegrandstudent

      They work amazingly well – I’m planning on using the base to create a ceral bar recipe soon too! x

  • Corinne C

    They look pretty impressive, pity I’m not really a coconut fan!

    Corinne x

    • ninegrandstudent

      It’s definitely an acquired taste I think! x

  • Home made is best!

    That way you know exactly what is going in 🙂



    • ninegrandstudent

      I completely agree! x

  • Jennifer K

    These sound delicious, might have to have a go with these… I love the chocolate piping tip, that’s genius!
    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • ninegrandstudent

      I know, can’t believe my dad came up with it either! x

  • Oh my these sound so good. Definitely going to have to give them a go. I love coconut

    Beth x

    Mermaid in Disguise

    • ninegrandstudent

      They were amazing – and I’ve butchered the recipe to make something super healthy since too so keep an eye out! x