Saving Money: Buy & Sell Unwanted Gift Vouchers

Is it just me, or does everyone have a relative that insists on getting you a voucher from some obscure shop? Up until a few years ago I could GUARANTEE I would receive a Next voucher every birthday/Christmas which as a teenager I really wasn’t impressed with. Now, however, I’d love one! Imagine all the homewear splurges…

 photo 36068557-0fb9-4f7b-a356-5e13e96d0e1b_zpszye3rmqq.jpgBut now there’s a solution to this in the form of Zeek. Zeek is an app (and quite a well designed one too, considering it’s entirely app-based!) which allows you to sell unwanted vouchers. Obviously you’re rather unlikely to get their face value back, but it’s better than the voucher sitting unused in your purse until expiry.

And there’s an even better side to this – you can buy other people’s unwanted vouchers at a discount! If you were planning on buying a few bits from a specific store it makes sense to check the app as these vouchers are independent of any other discount you have. The majority seem to be web-based vouchers too so can be used directly from your phone immediately after purchase.

 photo 2015-04-12 12.23.16_zpssnthxlfm.jpgI was gifted a little Zeek credit to buy myself a voucher and head out and treat myself. I put some money in, and ended up with £65 to spend in New Look for just £55. I’ve not spent much of it yet (just picking up the jeans I cried over) but I find New Look clothes always fit well – I’m just waiting for my weight to stabilize and then I’ll be hitting the shops!

 photo f37ca46e-fb15-4f2d-bf37-4b2a0fe9d9c0_zpsgf4jfg61.jpgTo make buying vouchers even better, if you use code 2vcbyd you’ll get £5 off your first voucher – making even more savings. I’ll gain a little bit too, however this isn’t a perk just for me – the share code comes with every account so you’ll have a chance to refer friends too.

Disclaimer: I was gifted an amount of credit to try out the app, but all opinions are my own – I’ll definitely be using Zeek to pick up John Lewis vouchers when I’m setting up home next year!

Have you used Zeek before? Do you often get gift vouchers you really don’t want?