Beauty: Glow-Giving Moisturiser for Under £5

I’ve relied on the same bits of skincare for pretty much the last few years, but the only thing I stockpile (there’s currently two tubes in my wardrobe, plus open tubes at mine, my parent’s and W’s house!) is this moisturiser.

 photo 50d11fcf-f3cc-420e-8953-d39fbc03e7a2_zpsfyy6owby.jpgI’ve used a combination of these since they were released. The Ultra-Moisturising tube is great for winter, though I can’t use it every night. I love the Hydrating version too – this is perfect for when my skin feels a bit thirsty, yet it doesn’t overwhelm it. It’s also amazing on sunburn…But my absolute favourite has to be the SPF version.

 photo 5bde0aa9-374d-4bfa-9069-3d1550939215_zpsyssjsili.jpgWIth SPF20 this is enough for day-to-day use. I wouldn’t use it on holiday or a full day out in the summer, but for days where I’m not worshipping the sun it’s plenty. Light and easily absorbed, it’s oil-freeness makes it an excellent base for makeup, and I find my foundation always seems to blend better when I’m wearing this. But the best part? The glow! No shimmer in sight, this tube is just radiant skin in a bottle. I’ve trialled a few high-end moisturisers and nothing has yet to give results like this. It might not be luxurious, it might not be the most spa-like, but the results speak for themselves. I think I’m on about my eleventh tube of this now!
 photo 2ca75f9d-96c1-4c8f-a2af-c5e77fa0b557_zpsuvhzlvhz.jpg
Giving change from a fiver, this budget glow-giving moisturiser is a daily staple in my routine, and I adore it. Please don’t ever stop making it Garnier!

What are your skincare staples?