Beauty: Hourglass vs Makeup Revolution Highlighting Palettes

My favourite bit of makeup has to be my Hourglass Ambient Light palette. Eye-wateringly expensive of course, but the airbrushed finish of my skin makes it worthwhile. I dread hitting pan as 50+ is more than I can justify, even the £37 or so for a full-sized single makes me want to cry. So it goes without saying that when I saw Makeup Revolution had released a dupe, I was very interested. When it finally appeared in store I snapped one up…and here’s the comparison.

 photo c8d7f898-a01d-4847-8b80-fd9ca2dd30e0_zpskza2dyde.jpg photo 27b43a1b-950f-496e-a626-4ce6841926a3_zpsbojexo46.jpgFirst off, packaging. Maybe it’s just me, but the few products I’ve had from Makeup Revolution have had dreadful packaging. Far too stiff to open without wrecking my nails, until the hinge snaps. This is no different – though the hinge hasn’t snapped in the first week of use. The Hourglass palette is very obviously more high-end, though it shows fingerprints like crazy and is a bit scratched up after five months of near daily use.

 photo 28117cae-9022-4dde-b67d-2f2a127ac51a_zpstywdkj1e.jpg photo 21e7c5df-0d70-49d9-8a73-4d4ac06a3d2c_zpsydkiroye.jpgUsing the palettes, it’s impressive just how close they are in consistency, thus proving that you really don’t need to spend a lot to get the lit-from-within glow I crave so much. That said, the Makeup Revolution shades just aren’t quite there, and there’s a LOT more shimmer present. Hourglass powders tend towards the cooler tones which suit me a lot more, Makeup Revolution is undeniably warmer in tone. Whilst appearing too orange on me now, I’m pretty sure it will get much more use over the summer. The shimmer is the deal breaker. Glowy and radiant, I can use the Hourglass palette to set my whole face. No such luck with the cheaper palette, though it’s perfect as a highlight, or for a more in-your-face night out look.

 photo 9ad30fad-a5d2-4de1-9d83-4ce2eefc1a9f_zpsisu3znle.jpgIf you have a darker skin tone than me (i.e. aren’t a ghost who can’t even find a Nars foundation pale enough), if your skin leans more warm-toned, if you don’t mind shimmer, save yourself £48 and pick up the Makeup Revolution version. I’ll definitely use it, and at £8 I do like it, but it’s not a replacement for my Hourglass palette. Although I’ll probably just pick up a single when I hit pan and combine useage of the two…

Remember, if you do want to splurge on any high-end item it’s always a good idea to check offers – this is a fantastic site that lets you do just that!

Have your tried either of this products? What’s your favourite highlighter?