University: When Gaming Can Be A Good Thing

I’m sure every girl has evenings where their boyfriend is distracted by his playstation/Xbox/computer…though having said that I quite like joining in! Gaming has built up a bad reputation over the years, what with the “detrimental impact” it has on younger children and any resulting lack in physical activity.

I do recognise the importance of exercise but active gaming is an area which is growing rapidly. I was sent over this infographic by HomeLeisureDirect who are passionate about health and gaming. They also run school campaigns, which I think is a fab idea!
The Health Benefits of Gaming
Infographic created by Home Leisure Direct

Sponsored post, though all opinions are my own as always.

What do you think about gaming and active gaming?

  • I’m all for gaming tbh! It has to be a specific kind or genre of a game to get me totally addicted and to play for hours but I have definitely had my fair share including Assassin Creed (online), Halo(online), From Dust, ilomilo and lots others!

    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    • ninegrandstudent

      I’ve never had something that I’ve played for hours, but equally never been against gaming either x

      • It’s only really puzzle games I’ll play for longer than an hour. I just get really into it- especially if it also has a ‘story’ based element to it too! x