Beauty: SPF 50 BB Cream from Garnier

This has got to be one of the most hushed-up released this year. I have always loved Garnier skincare, and ironically their sun cream is the only one that doesn’t give me an itchy, blotchy rash. At £9 ON OFFER (usually overpriced at £16, though currently at 2 for £13) this was expensive, especially considering it was scarily orange toned, but I just had to try it.

Garnier BB Cream SPF 50 photo 415f1d60-dde6-4c9b-ab76-cb79ed0529b6_zpsaa3gr7mt.jpgTurns out that was a good decision.

This is light in terms of coverage, offers the same glow as my holy-grail moisturiser, and manages to smooth out all of my redness and counteracts the sallowness that comes with less than six hours sleep for several nights.

Garnier BB Cream Review photo fa899b4f-2286-48b9-9612-7d4793d51a06_zps1hgq1dvt.jpgYes, it is orange. But somehow it blends in relatively well. It is still dark on my currently ghost-like skin, I admit this. But I’m ridiculously pale, I only just manage to get Rimmel’s Light Porcelain to blend in. Give me a few more weeks of lunchtimes in the park and I’m pretty sure this will be fine.

Garnier BB Cream photo e9960753-d4db-47a7-b01f-d8eec385784c_zpsguhffqhf.jpgI can’t wait to try this out in full sunlight. My face burns quite easily (dammit), and I get annoyingly freckly (W says it’s cute…). Hopefully this will stop me adding to the freckle collection. But even if it doesn’t, it gives me the healthy skin I so desperately crave, without any fuss. It will be a staple in my holiday makeup routine, that’s for sure!

Do you have any recommendations for facial SPF or BB creams?