Lifestyle: “Street Food” Pies

Pies. Quite possibly my favourite type of food. Carbs, fat (probably a little too much!) and protein in one neat parcel, what’s not to love?! Hearty, filling and often made with seasonal ingredients I could eat a pie a week and not get bored. Though possibly a little chubby. I’ve lunched on a fair few pies recently whilst out and about, and decided now was the time to share.

Pieminister (Oxford, but a few other branches)

 photo 2015-02-01 14.33.16_zpsv5gh4d1f.jpgIt was a very, very cold day in Oxford when we ate these pies, so possibly not surprising that most varieties were beginning to sell out. The shop wasn’t the most welcoming. Being in a covered market it wasn’t exactly warm, with hard benches to sit on. Free tap water was available though which gives bonus points!

 photo 2015-02-01 14.33.04_zps9532fnle.jpgW has some sort of beefy pie. Pies are the one thing I seem to have to be really careful with as they often contain tomato pastes, and Pieminister were no exception – boo! I went for a chicken and mushroom (it has a silly name, can’t say I’m a fan of their naming convention!). Crunchy pastry (possibly a bit too hard), buttery sauce, tender chicken, plenty of mushrooms that actually tasted of mushroom. It was all good but overshadowed by the use of herb. Everything tasted a bit dried-tarragon-y and it got a bit unpleasant after a while. No similar complaints from W though, so I’d be willing to try another type.

Mash was a bit sweet and lumpy, and we declined the offer of gravy (which also looked a bit lumpy having scrutinized other diners’ lunches). Overall? Not bad, I’d go again, but not great and a bit overpriced.

My Pie

 photo IMG_0862_zpssjv2eigj.jpgFirst of all, a moving PIE VAN. Words can’t describe how much joy that gave me. Not as much joy as when the guy gave me 47p off my lunch because I hadn’t quite got enough in my bag (oops).

 photo IMG_0861_zpsckjibkwk.jpg photo IMG_0860_zpshxipns9v.jpgI went for the Chicken and Aspargus, and oh my was it good! Creamy but peppery sauce, lots of chicken, and the aspargus still tasted fresh and crunchy. The pastry was just how I like it, firm but a little soggy. Will’s steak pie was demolished in record timing and was thoroughly enjoyed.

Gravy was meaty and well made, and the mash was delicious. Buttery, creamy, still tasting of potato. I could have eaten a bowlful!

 photo IMG_0859_zpslfmiz3xo.jpgMy Pie came in a few pounds cheaper than Pieminister, and was undoubtedly the better meal. I’m keeping them firmly bookmarked as I’d quite like to see them at a future big event in my life (cutting the pie sounds far more fun that cutting the cake!), and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them again.

Have you had a pie from these places? What’s your favourite pie filling?