Fashion: Discovering Playsuits

Playsuits have never been top of my fashion list. I always pretty much avoided them, thinking they were odd, would never suit me, would be a nightmare when I needed the loo. The latter point still exists, but I’ve discovered that I really, really like them!

 photo 2015-05-17 16.05.23_zpssxtbfuk7.jpgTurns out they are super flattering on my curves and save me from the embarrassment of constant threat that a blow of wind will flash my knickers to the world.

I’ve picked up my three from New Look and despite them being all different sizes (8-12) they all fit really well. The quality of material is good, and the patterns are great – all of them should be wearable throughout the year.

 photo 2015-05-17 16.06.19_zps724yvqgp.jpgMy newest addition is a shirt-style playsuit, silky, very floral with slightly longer sleeves – I’m looking forward to wearing it in the winter with thick black tights. It did state that it came with a tie belt, but my order was missing this (I’ve had problems with every single New Look order, anyone else?).

 photo 2015-05-17 16.05.56_zpskpbf8p6t.jpg

 photo 2015-05-24 14.35.12_zps6vuxrzzh.jpgMy other two are the same style, just in different patterns. And completely different sizes, one being a 12 and the other an 8. The 12 is too big, admittedly, but at £5 (slight rip in the arm reduced it further) I couldn’t say no. The darker pattern makes it ideal for dressing up or down, and I’ve worn it to go ‘study’ in Costa. Read: blogging whilst W does revision. It’s easy to throw on a top underneath (and realistically, I should be doing that with a 12!), tights and lats for a casual look – and it goes perfectly with my new bag. The bag deserves it’s own post because it’s just so PRETTYYYY, but there’s no prizes for guessing where it came from…This outfit took me from hours in Costa, to park picnics, to rugby-watching-down-the-pub, and I’m wearing it for a team away day too. It’s love.

Smart, pretty, comfortable and no risk of losing my modesty, these are fast becoming my go-to pieces. They’ll definitely be in my suitcase for Italy!

Are you a fan of playsuits? Have you seen any nice ones lately?