Recipe: Peach Iced Tea

Last summer I revised in the town library, and when that shut at 5pm (with W finishing work at 6pm) I’d decamp to Costa. My go-to drink became their peach iced tea, and even now I love it. It gives me a slight caffeine buzz, it’s so refreshing, and the sweetness level is just about right.

Peach Tea Recipe2 photo 644ec7ab-ea6c-4cf7-af6c-b248637e1160_zpswqfsq7wo.jpgMy dad doesn’t feel the same way about these drinks. Possibly because I split a whole one over the back of his car. Ten minutes into a four hour journey. Pretty sure it still smells of peaches nearly a year on…

Peach Tea Recipe3 photo 994b7410-7561-4693-8115-2c4803ed37aa_zpst8kubim9.jpgWhen Hometreats offered to send me a lovely drinking jar * I knew my favourite treat would work perfectly in it. Some might have whisked up an indulgent cocktail, but for me nothing beats relaxing with a cup of tea. This is the summer version – and I’m hoping this weekend is a nice one. I have plans to sit in the garden, magazine, drink in hand, and relax.

Peach Tea Recipe5 photo 3010657c-83fb-457e-863c-958a2b8864e5_zpsghhx66ft.jpgIt’s pretty simple this. Brew half a mug of tea lightly (any breakfast tea works well – Yorkshire is my favourite). Add to the glass and top with cool water. Grab a tin of peaches, slice half and add to the glass, and stir through a spoon or two of the syrup from the tin. Add ice, mint if you have any, and relax.

Peach Tea Recipe1 photo e525dd98-b3b4-4f50-9262-82195c4828f5_zps4jbbgvby.jpgThe perfect accompaniment to a lazy afternoon weekend, and I also love it after a long day at work. It’s almost as a good as a bog standard cup of tea!

What’s your favourite summertime drink? Are you a fan of iced tea?