Personal: What Could You Save?

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting cashback on their everyday spending? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, wrong! Santander allow this to come true with their 123 credit card which offers cashback on supermarket shops, department stores, petrol stations and TfL- who could resist that!?

 photo a99dc03f-c9fd-43f0-abe9-1dce0111e743_zpsggkmutb1.jpgTaking on a credit card is a big decision, but if you do decide to go for one I’d definitely consider getting something with bonuses like this! Santander have also greater a pretty nifty calculator – just pop in your monthly income and it will calculate your expected annual cashback.

Based on my (excessive) use of rail transport it worked out I’d gain a massive £127 cashback a year. That’s a pretty immense amount of month, which could see me nearly doubling my food budget over the year, or even just treating myself a bit more. Makes the thought of spending so much on train fares a bit nicer too!

 photo 2015-06-15 19.43.22_zpsaizzicad.jpgSantander offered to send me on an experience with the money I would save, but due to my holiday (currently in the sun as you read!) and then moving it was causing timings to be a little bit difficult. Instead they decided to treat me to some items off my ‘I really, really want but can’t justify the cost’ list. These are things I’ve never, ever buy for myself as they are just too expensive. I literally squealed with excitement when the package turned up. And as it was delivered to my desk at work that was a teeny, tiny bit embarrassing. Ah well.

 photo 2015-06-15 19.40.49_zpsgz4semrd.jpgThe first thing on my list is Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid. I got a whiff of this back in January and fell in love. The scent is perfect, and it lasts so well on the skin. I sprayed in on my wrist mid-morning, travelled from Oxford to Surrey, slept and could still smell it at work the next day. At £72 this is eye-wateringly expensive, to the point I wouldn’t even put it on my Christmas list.

 photo 2015-06-15 19.38.24_zpszrvu7l8s.jpg photo 2015-06-15 19.41.23_zps6x5zztqp.jpgNext up was something Charlotte Tilbury shaped. I’ve lusted over Dolce Vita for months, but when I finally swatched it a few months ago I was less than impressed. Enter The Sophisticate. A palette of shades I don’t actually own, no glitter, only a little shimmer, and that beautiful, beautiful packaging. It’s something I wouldn’t ever treat myself too – I cried a little inside at spending £37 on 12 eyeshadows, let alone 4!

 photo 4158b62a-7cf8-4028-8164-8d07f7766f3e_zpsiy6wjsv4.jpgNow, a MAC lipstick. You may argue that I do buy MAC lipsticks, and you’d be right. However (I say a trifle defensively) I play it safe. I buy neutral colours, ones I know suit me. I’ve never picked up a bold from here, until now. Lady Danger is a damn scary colour, an orange-toned, bright, scary red. It’s gorgeous, I love it, and I’m hoping it isn’t restarting my MAC addiction. I’ll need more lipstick storage if so…

How much money could this cashback credit card save you? What would you do with the money you would save – an experience or some treats?