Lifestyle: June Favourites

Another month gone, this year is racing by. June has been a wonderful month. Plenty of sun, a holiday, and finished off nicely by my boyfriend moving in with me over the weekend. We’ll be sharing my not-quite double room for the next two weeks (it’s a bit of a squeeze – giving each other space is one of us on the bed, other on the floor!) before moving out to our London flat for the summer. Now, onto my monthly favourites!
 photo June Favourites_zpsjjec57ep.png photo Castel SantAngelo 11_zps0mnc2bsp.jpg photo Venice at Night 1_zpshlq4muva.jpg photo Venice at Night 6_zps3qbpvnc2.jpg


Of course, this has to be top of the list. We spent a few days in Rome before catching a (very modern and fast) train to Venice for another few days. The holiday was full of sight-seeing, blistering shoulders, heat, a few thunderstorms and a lot of canals. Utterly stunning. I’m in two minds about how to post about it – I wrote out ideas and have a potential 15 posts! Or I could try grouping it up a little, so do tell me what you would prefer!

Venice was without a doubt my favourite city of the two, it’s one you could return to many times and always discover something new. I know I’ll be heading back!

A Little KIKO Haul

My poor boyfriend was dragged round no less than four KIKO stores until I found a palette insert in stock. I wanted a 3 pan ideally, but in the end plumped for a 4 pan out of desperation. I managed to get all the shades I wanted too…

I also visited my first ever Sephora (or 3!) and despite being hugely tempted by two items (Nars God Created The Woman and Marc Jacobs Lolita palettes) I didn’t pick up anything. I resisted duty-free too. #feelingproud
 photo Food in Venice 2_zps3dsuhnwe.jpg photo Pizza in Rome 4_zpscsmv3wdu.jpg photo Pane amp Vino 1_zpscnrzwfax.jpgImli Street Restaurant Review1 photo 762dcfbc-7449-4b49-9082-3c38673a8005_zpsjut49er5.jpg

Food, Glorious Food

I’m really struggling not to make virtually every item on here Italy related – whoops! I’ve had some wonderful meals in Italy, whether it be a delicious white pizza, a stunning sandwich (I’m not over-exaggerating when I say I’ve eaten the best sandwiches in existence), or the most yummy specially-made seafood pasta. Plenty of ‘fried fish’ too. And maybe a scoop of gelato. I’m avoiding the scales until next weekend so I have time to get rid of the damage…

I also had a pretty yummy Indian meal (review tomorrow!), with one of the greenest curries in existence!
 photo Gondola Ride 8_zpslxm3hxul.jpg

Couple Time

Having been in an LDR on and off for more than half of my relationship, having some quality couple time isn’t something we take for granted! I’ve been away on placement since last July so the last time we had more than a weekend to ourselves was over a year ago now. Italy was the perfect chance to reconnect, and now we get to spend every morning, evening and weekend together. It’s early days, but I’ve not killed him yet…
 photo 2015-06-04 16.57.38_zpseexm69co.jpg photo 2015-06-04 14.38.36_zpsmfom5eoy.jpg

A Visit to the Zoo

My team’s away day was held at the beginning of the month, and an afternoon at London Zoo was a great way to unwind. We lucked out with fabulous weather (glad it was also dress down –  suit would not have been pleasant!).

All in all, a damn good month! How was your June? Any holiday plans for the summer?