Travel: Wandering Around Rome

Rome was a strange place. I loved exploring bits and pieces, but I wouldn’t want to return. It’s the kind of place where there’s the main sites to see, but not much beyond that. It’s not like I didn’t love the city, but I just can’t see myself returning.

 photo Wandering in Rome 2_zpsotah0zvt.jpgNow, this is the first of many posts about my holiday. I took a massive 711 photos in the week we were away (although 53 of those were because I’d not turned screen-tap capture off…there’s many of the floor!). I’m obviously not going to show off allllllllll the photos, but a good few of them. Plus it means I can live out my holiday as long as possible.

 photo Wandering in Rome 23_zpse3m4srxa.jpg photo Wandering in Rome 22_zpsfhyhwzfs.jpgAfter arriving, napping and reviving ourselves (I don’t do early mornings!) we headed out into the evening sun. We were a three minute walk from the Colosseum so nearby some of the most beautiful anicent ruins and structures.

Our first full day in Rome was spent at the Colosseum (full dedicated post coming up!), then wandering around the Ancient area of the city before hitting up the Forum and Palatine Hill (again, another post).

 photo Wandering in Rome 4_zpswe0d8b0g.jpg photo Wandering in Rome 5_zpstlx9efy0.jpg photo Wandering in Rome 6_zpsliug6tqp.jpgWe took the recommendations of a local and headed away from the bustle, up a seemingly residential road before taking a lane through the middle of a rose garden. Unfortunately the actual gardens closed a few days before and the roses were looking past their best, but I still managed to snap a few shots. We continued up the slight incline, stopping to admire a lovely intimate Italian wedding on the way.

 photo Wandering in Rome 8_zps1uof0ap4.jpg photo Wandering in Rome 9_zpsa3vllz7l.jpg photo Wandering in Rome 10_zpsbxdotmso.jpgReaching what seemed like a carpark, we were pretty sure Fabio was barking mad as he told us to go to a door and peer through the keyhole. Turns out he isn’t mad! We then wandered round the corner to a little park, took in the view, filled our water bottle (I loved that water foundations are so widely available in Italy!) and rested in the shade…discovering my shoulders were quietly blistering under their blanket of SPF50. Damn.

 photo Wandering in Rome 17_zpsb50auhjp.jpg photo Wandering in Rome 18_zpsxewz1wwi.jpg photo Wandering in Rome 19_zpsbrbq0quy.jpg photo Wandering in Rome 21_zpsqj0hpabh.jpgThe next day was our ‘religious’ day, visiting the Vatican City, avoiding selfie stick sellers, exploring the castle and generally seeing the other side of town. We got the metro there and walked back – my biggest tip is not to buy a sightseeing bus ticket as they are SO expensive, most places are walkable, and the metro is only €1.50 per journey anyway. After avoiding the rain we wandered along the river, passing some stunning buildings.

 photo Wandering in Rome 20_zpshuqxcuma.jpgOur walk back centred around finding the Trevi Foundation. Quite frankly, we shouldn’t have bothered! We’re only glad we didn’t get up early the next day to find it…

Have you been to Rome? What did you think of the city?

  • Such a shame that the fountain is all under scaffolding! I have to disagree though; I think there’s loads beyond the main sites! On the other hand that’s probably because I’m running around seeing how much food I can eat haha. It’s such a magical city, I love wandering the little alleys and seeing random old ruins springing up here and there, having a morning coffee and croissant in the sunshine, taking advantage of the museums and galleries, getting freshly made pasta from little pasta shops.. it can be hard to avoid the crowds though xxx

    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

    • ninegrandstudent

      I do love wandering around little streets, I guess I just enjoyed Venice more? Could have been that it was so hot those days too! x

      • Ooh yeah Venice is amazing! Did you visit in the same trip? And ugh, the summer heat in the cities is just too much!! xxx

        • ninegrandstudent

          Yep, we just did Rome and Venice but it was lovely! x

  • I agree, Rome is wonderful but not sure I would go back.

    I loved the Vatican city though, and would recommend a visit there to anyone!



    • ninegrandstudent

      I agree – watch out for my post on that in a few weeks! x

  • Clare Purdy

    Oh! i’m so sad that you didn’t get to see the Trevi fountain in all its glory! it is at its best in the evening when its lit up, and of course when its OPEN and not having work done… a little water in it helps too!

    • ninegrandstudent

      I could imagine how stunning it is – wish I had got to see it! x

  • Jennifer K

    I’ve never been to Rome, although I’d like to spend a couple of days there. I’ve been to Florence a couple of times and really enjoyed there and Pisa. Italy is one of those countries best explored with the help of locals I think. It’s very touristy, but I’ve done a couple of exchanges and really got to experience the culture 🙂
    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • ninegrandstudent

      Florence is next on my list, though I also want to do Turin and Milan. I love Italy! x

  • Your photos are beautiful! I can’t wait to visit Rome (and Europe in general) someday!!

  • Just found your blog, it’s such a lovely read! I love Italy but haven’t yet made it to Rome, get to go to Milan in a few months though! Shame you missed seeing the rose garden in season and the Trevi Fountain properly but at least it gives you a good excuse to go back 🙂

    • ninegrandstudent

      Awh, thank you! Look out for more of my Italian adventures coming soon! x

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