Lifestyle: Feeling Thankful

I’ve had a bit of a deluge of bad news recently. Before going away I stumbled across a news article and found out my hairdresser had been murdered. A fellow blogger was caught up in the Tunisian terrorist attack. Friends were frantically using social media to find out if relatives were safe.Each and every one of these made me thankful for being here, and even more appreciative of the little things in life. The beautiful sunset, getting a seat on the train, ten minutes peace to read a book.

 photo 2015-06-28 10.53.24_zpsvboomoix.jpg
My heart goes out to all of those caught up in recent events, be it in person, or through friends and family. It’s in memory of all those who have lost their lives, lost a loved one, or had their lives affected, that I start a new type of post here. It won’t be a particular regular series as I doubt I’d fit more posts in weekly, but every now and again ’10 Happy Things” will show my appreciation for life, for the little things we might take for granted. My way of standing on the rooftops and saying ‘thank you’ to those invisible hands who have protected me and my loved ones recently.

What little things in life do you appreciate?