The London Diaries: A New Series & A Little Life Update

I’ve harped on enough about it, but I’m super duper excited to be living in London for the summer. Having spent the last year in Surrey, with a train into London taking less than 30 minutes, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with our capital city. With W interning in Battersea and my contract being extended in said Surrey town we decided to go for it – and grabbed a short-term let in Wandsworth.

 photo 2015-03-13 17.45.16_zpsthto9dyh.jpgLiving in London means lots of more restaurants at our disposal (though we’re on a budget – damn you expensive rent!), a lot more things to see, and a lot more potential blog posts. Hopefully more blogging events for me too! Having looked at my list I realised I could get posts scheduled up until October without any spontaneous ones, without any London ones, so I’ve decided to introduce a mini series whilst we’re in London. It will be full of things I’ve done, where we’ve been etc. Hopefully useful to those visiting London, or those who want to find things off the beaten track. And typically the first post next Friday is of a chain restaurant found in other cities… #sorrynotsorry

 photo 2015-03-07 14.43.48_zpsotja8obk.jpgSo yep, now I’m posting six days a week, working full time and adding a commute into the mix. Oh, and at some point I need to glance over my second year notes as a year on placement has sent contingent annuity calculations straight out of my head…

Are you a fan of London? Any recommendations of hidden gems to explore?