Travel: The Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Probably the most iconic site in Rome, the Colosseum was high on my list of places to visit. It turned out our hotel was a 3 minute walk away so we saw quite a bit of it! I have early morning photos, shots from walking around inside, afternoon photos, sunset photos, nighttime photos. An awful lot of photos of this place!

 photo Colesseum 1_zpsucxzgqzv.jpg photo Colesseum 14_zpsltsghcvs.jpgWe booked tickets online, and I highly recommend you do so as the queue for ‘reserved tickets’ is so much quicker. It actually looks a lot longer than the other queue when you first get there – quite disheartening but I’d say the other queue must have been a couple of hours long. We were in there within 20 minutes! I would advise against paying a premium for ‘skip the line’ tickets as these don’t seem to actually exist – there are two queues, one for reserved tickets, one for buying tickets.

 photo Colesseum 11_zps2wjkkima.jpg photo Colesseum 10_zps4fa9pqis.jpg photo Colesseum 9_zpswkd9wpxm.jpg photo Colesseum 8_zpskqwycbpm.jpg photo Colesseum 7_zpsiiroghtx.jpg photo Colesseum 5_zpsxlbfbutg.jpg photo Colesseum 4_zpsgwpkcmbp.jpgIn all honesty, if the ticket price just included the Colosseum I wouldn’t say it was hugely worth it unless you have a specific interest in Roman ruins. It’s a stunning bit of architecture, don’t get me wrong, but I think you can get that impression without heading inside. We did enjoy exploring though, and some bits were very interesting – for instance the pretty modern lift system used fr hoisting the ‘wild beasts’ into the arena.

If you do go and visit, though, do one thing for me? Don’t take a selfie stick! They drove me mad on this holiday as so many people spent their time with their backs to the scenery taking selfies. And don’t get me started on the street sellers who have clearly cottoned onto this…

 photo Colesseum 17_zpsiumahfdn.jpg photo Colesseum 16_zpsumty9c9q.jpg photo Colesseum 15_zpsbcxci9yt.jpg photo Colesseum 12_zpsfwyzxvwv.jpgPhotos really don’t show the true scale of the Colosseum – it’s absolutely huge, and a really stunning bit of history. It looks especially wonderful approaching sunset, and I’m so grateful to have caught this on our final evening in Rome.

Now for photo’s not including the Colosseum! I’m willing to bet there are hundreds of tourists every day who visit the Colosseum and have no clue that their ticket also give entry to another site only 200 yards away. A site which, in my opinion, is far more interesting too!

 photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 11_zpsiktpruuy.jpg photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 10_zpsaoemnryh.jpg photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 9_zpsojgjhjqt.jpg photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 6_zpsmpww7kdz.jpgThe Forum & Palatine Hill is a pretty massive site, filled with various ruins and some pretty intact structures.

 photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 12_zps7y3hd4r6.jpg photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 8_zpsdvhxcuo9.jpg photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 7_zpsiepqtmli.jpg photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 1_zps3rwgvptc.jpgThere are viewing platforms offering stunning views over Rome, shady gardens to wander through, and it’s pretty easy to accidentally tag along to a guided tour too!

 photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 5_zpscbei21xj.jpg photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 4_zpsg6cw5nj8.jpg photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 3_zpsboiqxrmf.jpgThere’s also a pretty interesting museum included in the ticket price, filled with various artefacts that have been dug up. The sign posts dotted around are short, fact-filled and quite amusing – I was pretty impressed at the Roman toilet structure!

 photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 2_zpsqdyignjx.jpgHave you ever been to Rome? What was your favourite site?