Lifestyle: Ten Happy Things

I wrote last week about the reasonings behind my new Five Happy Things posts. They most likely won’t be big things, they’ll be little everyday things often overlooked. Because its my everyday life that makes me so thankful to be here, and I’m grateful to each and every person who shares it with me.
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Taking time to sit and read.

Working full time and blogging can takes its toll, but recently I’ve been giving myself ten minutes when I get home and ten minutes before bed to read. I’m now finding I have to limit myself or I’ll get carried off for hours with my head in a book.
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Puppy Cuddles

Well, Tee-J is far from a puppy at the grand old age of 10! I’ve been home two weekends in a row(!) and loved seeing more of my pooch. He’s super snuggly, I just want to squeeze him in my suitcase and steal him away!

I also visited my sister’s riding stables…purely to steal cuddles from their Foxhound puppies. They are fostering two puppies for a year for the local hunt and whilst I’m not exactly for fox-hunting, I adore Foxhounds. They actually have such a beautiful personality, and these two will come try sit on your lap as soon as you take a seat. They aren’t exactly small though!


I’m now living in London! Me and W have a flat until mid-September, and I’m loving London life. I finally have gotten round to getting an Oyster card (need to stop flashing it at the bus driver and just tap the damn thing!), I’m getting the hang of the tube. I don’t want to leave! And I’m now posting six days a week including “The London Diaries” so you’ll hear all about it too…
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Stunningly well cooked chicken. 

I made a one-pan mini-roast a few weeks back and it was delicious. Soft meat, crispy skin and it all tasted so chicken-y. Might sound odd to you, but my granddad was a chicken farmer back in the day so I have a real issue with most bought chicken tasting bland.

Coming home to a hug.

Something I’ve found so tough over the last year is coming home after a hard day at work and having no-one to rant to if necessary. Now me and W are living together (short term only!) my evenings are so much more relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and wouldn’t change my team – but everything has one of those days. Now instead of crying to myself I can have a hug, a chat over a cuppa and get on with fun and frivolities.
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Catching a Doughnut

Yep, but of an odd one! Growing up in the early ’00s means I was a pretty loyal McBusted fan, and my younger sister grew up with McFly. It’s pretty easy to tell that this has ensured we were pretty chuffed when they joined to form McBusted a few years back, and we always try to get tickets to go and see them. I missed out on their latest tour, however they turned out to be the Friday night headline of a very local mini-festival in Northampton. I snapped up tickets, and last Friday we danced along and screamed sang ourselves hoarse. A 12 year crush proved itself to be very much not over when I lunged (and caught!) Matt Willis’ half eaten doughnut. It’s now preserved in the freezer!
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Filthy Junk Food.

You know those cravings you get which only intensify until they are satisfied? I was having one of those centred around a burger. Not a “nice” burger, but one dripped with grease, topped with the cheese that’s half plastic, half rubber. I finally got a chance to visit Five Guys and satisfied that craving – and boy, was it good. Review coming soon. Like, this Friday!
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Perfectly Filed Nails.

There’s a few things in life I dislike doing – (1) peeling potatoes, (2) grating cheese and (3) filing my nails. All seem like such a chore and I never seem to do them right. However using a Stylfile* makes filing my nails has become so much easier. Ok, I still dislike spending the time doing it, but at least the results are passable now!

The Stylfile was thought up by Apprentice contestant Tom Pellereau, and I have to say it’s a pretty good thought! Yes they look like a torture device, yes it was quite an interesting package to open at work…but they really do work a charm at filing nails into a nice curve. I just wish they weren’t metal files, as I hate how brittle these seem to make my nails. I do, however, love the tool that comes with a cuticle moisturiser. The cuticle snippers scare me, so I’ve stayed away for now, but all in all they are pretty innovative. Makes a nice change!
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Ice-Cream in the Office.

Eurgh, #heatwave. Those days were not fun, though I was pretty thankful my commute hadn’t started at that point! My lovely boss would go and buy a couple of tubs of soft-scoop (and chocolate sauce!) each afternoon and dish it out in the office – it was bliss!

Holiday Memories.

I’ve loved going back over our holiday photos recently, especially when we headed up North to visit both of our parents. It really helped us relive the memories, remember little details and it definitely put a smile on my face. Now to start thinking about next year’s trip…

What things have made you happy lately? How do you make sure you appreciate the little things?