University: Traveling Abroad on a Budget

Having just come back from our Italy adventures (which are still being chronicled on the blog!), I’ve added up all our spending and I’m pretty pleased with how it went – we did treat ourselves, we did spend €80 on a gondola trip, but we had a damn good time and didn’t splurge too much. It felt only fitting that I share the following article with you – the best ways to travel on a budget!

 photo Castel SantAngelo 9_zpsmlmdjydf.jpgIf there is one thing that many students love to do, it’s travel abroad. Whether you are travelling during the holidays or whether you decide to take time out of university in order to explore the world, heading to pastures new can really help to broaden your horizons. It’s also a fabulous way to learn more about different destinations and cultures as well as to take in some world famous sights and attractions.

Of course, one thing that can get in the way of travelling abroad for many students is their finances. Most students tend to struggle financially during their university years, which can make it difficult to visit destinations abroad. The cost of travelling, accommodation and spending money can really mount up. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can cut the cost of travelling and enjoy travelling on the cheap while still enjoying the opportunity to explore new places. From cutting the cost of flights to benefitting from discount deals on sites such as VoucherBin, there are various options that can help when it comes to reducing the cost of travelling.

 photo Wandering in Venice 19_zpsvpyzgtb3.jpgThere are a number of different ways in which you can enjoy travelling abroad on the cheap as a student. Some of the key steps to take in order to help you cut costs include:

  • Travel light: These days, you can get some excellent deals on flights from low cost airlines. However, if you are taking a lot of luggage with you, the cost can quickly rise because you get charged for each suitcase you check-in. However, many of these airlines offer a pretty generous allowance for carry-on luggage, and this doesn’t cost you any extra. So, if you are able to travel light you could make big savings on flights.
  • Save money with vouchers: When you go on sites such as, you can get some excellent deals and vouchers to help you cut costs. This includes discounts on attraction passes in destinations such as Berlin or Paris as well as airport parking discounts, transport discounts, and money off deals for holidays. VoucherBin offers a wide range of travel discounts and vouchers, so this is a really smart way to cut your travel costs.
  • Stay in a hostel: When you are on a budget, the last thing you want to do is spend all of your money on a hotel room. Given that you will spend a lot of time out and about exploring the area it is pointless to spend more than you need to on accommodation. With this in mind, it is well worth looking for a local hotel where you can stay. This can really slash the amount that you have to pay for accommodation, and you will probably get to meet many other students from different places around the world.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can help to keep travel costs down when you are jetting off abroad as a student.

 photo Roman Forum amp Palatine Hill 3_zpsboiqxrmf.jpgMy main tips are to shop around (but on inPrivate browsing – I’m convinced they put the prices up after you’ve looked a few times!), research accommodation and public transport costs, and buy lunches from supermarkets.

Are you off travelling anywhere this year? What are your tips for holidays on a budget?