Healthy Eating: The Snack Edit

I’m not an overly snacky person, I just have very little self-control. You know the Pringles slogan “once you pop, you just can’t stop” – that sums up my relationship with just about every snack. It’s easier for me just to avoid snacks entirely.

 photo IMG_3601_zpstnrbwxmc.jpgHowever since living with W things have had to change slightly. As a Type 1 Diabetic snacks need to be on hand in case of low blood sugar. He also seems to be always hungry. And of course, if he is eating a biscuit, I want a biscuit. It doesn’t help that the OCD in me doesn’t like leaving an odd number of biscuits in the packet either…

As a compromise I’ve been searching for healthy snacks, something I can nibble on instead of feeling deprived.

 photo 2015-07-08 18.53.57_zps9vpfqugf.jpgSeeds are a great way of keeping me occupied – I’m a boredom eater (car journeys are the worst!), so as seeds take ages to eat they always seem to satisfy me. I’ve loved these mixes, which I was sent as part of a Ladbroke’s brain training kit (which you’ll hear more about soon). The slightly savoury ones are pretty addictive, but the dried-fruit-hater in me has discovered I love goji berries. Who knew?!

Filling up at mealtimes is also a good option as it really does prevent snacking, but I’ve found a breakfast option that also works really well as a mini-desert if I realllyyyy need it. Overnight Oats have become a BIG obsession for me since I started commuting, and now I’ve started sneaking spoonfuls just before bed too. So good. A whole post coming on overnight oats soon, I promise you.

 photo IMG_3602_zpsptievcq0.jpgNow, Nakd Bars*. I was sceptical about these as (1) the ingredients aren’t exactly my cup of tea, and (2) the flavours seem a little odd. That said this box of 18 is diminishing fairly quickly. They are pretty expensive in shops, in fact way out of my budget, however buying a box of 18 via Natural Balance Foods is a lot more affordable. I like the fact you can pick up multipacks too, including chocolate multipacks – I adore the mocha flavour! Healthy cereal bars (that are yummy too!) are so hard to find, I feel a little order coming on!

Pre-packaged options are all very well and good, but I also like whipping up some snacks of my own.

 photo 2015-07-18 18.16.38_zps5gj51qd1.jpgPopcorn is my current favourite, and in fact has been a favourite for several months. It’s easy to do a small bowl just for me, or a big bowl for sharing with friends. Not to mention alllllll the flavour combos you can make. I have kept it simple, just sprinkling with sugar. Add a bit of cinnamon if you’re feeling fancy. Grating over a square of dark chocolate is an easy way to get your fix. And if you’re feeling really naughty? Stir through toffee sauce and bake until crispy. Me and my sister shared a whole bowl of toffee popcorn over the Hunger Games (I’m late to the party!), it was far yummier than shop bought.

On the savoury side there is something I never thought I would find myself trying. Baked crispy chickpeas were definitely a good shout and, whilst I need to perfect the recipe, they certainly satisfied a savoury, crunchy, munchy craving. I covered mine with cajun spicing, but I’m sure virtually anything would work. Yum yum.

 photo 2015-07-18 20.27.51_zpsr0welb9i.jpgHealthy snacking has definitely added something extra to be diet, and I’m looking forward to taking these options to university in September (I definitely need to snack during a full day of lectures!).

What are your favourite healthy snacks?