Beauty: Pink to Make the Boys Wink

I’m not really a girly girl. Yes, I wear makeup. Yes, you’ll most likely find me in a floral dress. But I was the one clamouring for our team away day to include white water rafting. I’ve done Go Ape, Zorbing, I love those ‘watersports’ involving being dragged behind a speedboat on an inflatable object. Rugby is my game and I’ll stand up for my team against total strangers on the train (true story, I think they were rather surprised!).

 photo Pink Makeup 2_zpsu4mstyyg.jpgNow we’ve established that I’m not a girly girl, we’ll talk about my collection of pink makeup. You know, the girliest makeup possible.

I was quite surprised when I was going through my makeup how much of it was pink. I genuinely thought I was more into highlighted cheek bones and bold lips, and whilst that still makes up the majority of my collection there’s still a lot of pink…

 photo Pink Makeup 3_zpsizegcwwr.jpgPink blushers. The newly released Max Factor blushers are probably my favourite bit of makeup to hit the shelves in 2015. Light, perfectly blendable and a good range of colours – I’ve picked up 3, including this lovely pink shade. It looks so natural on the skin, a beautiful flush that’s so easy to pull off. And of course we have Nars Douceur. Not strictly pink, this is brown-toned and excellent for subtly sculpting the face. I reach for this when I’m in a rush, which is most days now.

 photo Pink Makeup 5_zpsitavuzco.jpgPink lips (and an overexposed photo). This is where I struggle to pull off pink-ness. The Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive has been in my stash for ages, and I’ve finally passed it on – the shade is almost neon on me, and so starkly pink. Just not my cup of tea! In contrast the Bourjois lipstick is slightly nuder, and it just works well. I’ve no idea what shade it is (the label has rubbed), but the formula of these is creamy and long-lasting. I’d buy more if it wasn’t for the ridiculously shaped bullet making application tricky. On the ‘throw on’ side there’s the Clinique balms. These are subtle, I’d never pay for one, but I do like them. I find them ideal to throw in my handbag as they don’t melt (ahem, MUA Power Pouts!), and I can slick them on without a mirror. Not as moisturising as they claim, but I’ll forgive.

 photo Pink Makeup 4_zpsnu71pzp8.jpgPink nails. Whilst I much prefer a nude nail, something about pink nails do pull me in. This shade is perfect for me as it is muted, a little grey, so it doesn’t look too pretty. Whilst I’ll never pay for the Nails Inc bottle (this came with my pedi-machine) I have to admit the quality is pretty high!

Of course, these photos are also missing THE pinkest item in my collection – Naked 3. The palette that started my high-end buying, the first bit of makeup I owned that cost over £10. It’s very pink, though as long as my hair isn’t too ginger I find it easy to pull off. It’s out of my summer stash as I’m living in limited space (I’m down to 1 set of mini acrylic drawers people!) but if you are after a different neutral palette, this one is good.

 photo Pink Makeup 1_zpsplnlolub.jpgSo yep, the non-girly girl has a lot of pink makeup!

What kind of makeup do you wear most often?