Lifestyle: July Favourites

July. You’d think of July and imagine hot sunny days, lunches on a park bench, ice cream. Right? Well for most of July 2015 you’d be right. Until yours truly catches a stinking cold and retreats to bed. I even took a coat to work guys. That got me some funny looks on my commute, I can assure you.

 photo July Favourites_zpsqc62xhot.pngDespite having no voice for a good week (the week coinciding with my replacement arriving at work and the most important presentation of my placement year – because I can time illness well), despite having to take a sick day (along in my replacement’s first week), despite still coughing and spluttering over the other commuter’s on Southern trains (sorry!), July has definitely not been a bad month. Far from it!
 photo 2015-08-01 17.41.39_zpsjj83m5jl.jpg

London, Baby!

I’ve wittered on enough about it, but me and W moved into a flat in Wandsworth mid-July. We’re only here for just over two months, but it’s so nice to be living in London. Last weekend we were shopping (or attempting to – SO BUSY) around Oxford Street, popped into the relative quiet of John Lewis and had a rest in their roof garden. Overpriced, we didn’t indulge in food and drinks, but I quite liked the view!

Sisterly Bonding

After taking my sister to see McBusted (and catching the all-important doughnut) we spent the next night having a girls-night-in. We stuck on the latest Hunger Games, make pizzas, popped our own popcorn and slathered it in toffee sauce. Bliss.
 photo misssaigon2_zpscnn7bnqz.jpg

Post-Work Theatre Trips

I love the theatre, I always have. From annual pantomime trips with the brownies, to musicals with the family, I jump at the chance of going. I’ve not been that much, but when I do go I make sure I’ll enjoy the production. I went to see Miss Saigon with TodayTix last week and boy, oh boy – I was NOT disappointed. Tissues recommended!

Overnight Oats

I’ve been a fan of porridge for breakfast for many years, but with my newly-commenced commute beginning at 7:30am (I know, hardly early, but I was used to leaving at 8:40!) making porridge just isn’t happening. Overnight Oats are absolutely the perfect solution. By the time I get to my desk they have warmed up to the right eating temperature, and I’ve just fallen in love with them. Peanut butter and banana is my fav. Nutella and raspberry might also have happened…
 photo 2015-07-18 11.33.16_zps69ynjqvh.jpg photo 2015-07-18 11.33.08_zps6rmbfbv4.jpg photo 2015-07-18 11.32.46_zpszz0n8ru7.jpg

THE Prettiest Field

Driving over to the stables we passed by a field just lightly covered in poppies. The site was stunning, so I instructed the car to be pulled over and sat snapping away out of the window.

Work Presentation

So yep, I woke up with no voice on the morning of the most important presentation of my placement year. Somehow I managed to bring it back and keep it until lunchtime, got the meeting out the way before going completely mute for the next few days. Even more surprisingly was that the presentation went super well. I rarely present soley on my own, but this was entirely my meeting and the feedback received made me feel like I was walking on cloud nine for days. Eeek!
 photo 2015-08-01 16.21.05_zps9czunoyd.jpg photo 2015-08-01 16.20.56_zpszpviaexj.jpg photo 2015-08-01 16.20.49_zpsrmkzgdd4.jpg


Ever the foodies, Crosstown Doughnuts has been on mine and W’s list for a while. We visited last weekend and ticked it off – yum! I went for a Creme Brulee, him a Summer Crunch. Neither of us liked the other’s choice, but both we’re pretty satisfied. I’m amazed at how well the creme brulee flavour came across in a doughnut.

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 12_zpsf9bambgx.jpgI’m so looking forward to August. I’ve got a few days off, which I’m spending with my mum and sis as they are visiting London – we’re off to the Science Museum and to watch The Railway Children. Then I want to head to the Decision exhibition, we’ve already spent Swiss National Day (the 1st) at one of our favourite restaurants, and we’re heading to Devon for a few days at the end of the month. The only thing I’m dreading? My placement finally ends this month *sob*

How was your July? Am I the only one who gets colds during the hottest months of the year?!