The London Diaries: Last Minute Theatre Trip to Miss Saigon

I love the theatre. I haven’t been all that often, but everything (and I mean everything) has stuck in my head. The almost-annual pantomimes, the production of Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, the wonderful Oliver musical, the absolutely beautiful showing of Warhorse (twice!). In recent years I’ve seen both Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and Matilda, both of which were excellent. But it can be difficult to get hold of theatre tickets if you haven’t booked in advance.

 photo misssaigon2_zps0z7zaekh.jpgIf you wait until nearer to the performance date you often end up having to queue outside box offices in the hope of an official ticket, or chance your luck with the unofficial ticket sellers. Normally you’ll get a ticket this way, but probably for an inflated price. Well, no longer!

 photo 2015-08-02 15.17.38_zpscmo9xwuo.jpg photo 2015-08-02 15.18.40_zpsooktryd2.jpgToday Tix has travelled over from it’s New York Broadway beginnings and has branched out into London. An app (available on iphone and android!), it lets you book theatre tickets between 1 week and 30 minutes before curtains up.

Apparently the process is quick and painless. Being the sceptical person I am this was certainly put to the test. I registered (including adding payment details) in advance, then booked some tickets to Miss Saigon for the following well. I did this over lunch in Prezzo (their tomato-free mushroom pizza if you’re interested – very yummy!) and can honestly say it took me 83 seconds from start to finish, on a very dodgy internet connection. Impressive indeed.

 photo misssaigon1_zps9mlnjyw7.jpgSo, Miss Saigon. I’d heard a lot about this from my mum (her second viewing of the performance is booked for October), but it wasn’t top of my to-watch list. In all honesty if Today Tix hadn’t invited me I probably wouldn’t have been before it closes next year. In all honesty, I’m so relieved they did, and I’m tempted to book to go again.

It is the most beautiful love story I’ve ever had the fortune to watch. Gritty enough to not put off the guys, stunning effects (I could have sworn they were flying in a real helicopter), utterly faultless acting. Yes, there’s some smutty ‘sex’ scenes that some may not find palatable – I’m looking at the posh couple on the row in front of me who were shielding their eyes! There’s humour from the ‘engineer’ (read: pimp), a fabulous actor who I can see going far. The singing touched my heart, and I rarely had dry eyes throughout the whole performance.

 photo misssaigon3_zpsepdrcsz4.jpgWhether you are a fan of musicals or not, I highly suggest you try to see this before it’s gone for good. Hand on heart one of the best shows I have ever, ever seen.

I also highly recommend you check out the Today Tix app. WIth a huge variety of shows it gives you the chance to get great last minute deals – I’m finding it extremely tempting for weekends where we don’t have plans!

And to get you a little discount on theatre tickets, this voucher code will give you a £10 on your first use of Today Tix – XDRCB. Simply enter at the checkout to save those pennies!

Disclaimer: I was invited to view Miss Saigon by Today Tix. They watered me with champagne but did not expect a blog post in return, and no money exchanged hands. I do gain a little Today Tix credit if you use my code though! And truly, honestly, 100% – Miss Saigon was breathtakingly beautiful. Just go!

Are you a fan of the theatre? What is the best show you have seen?