Beauty: Forgotten Staples

I’ve recently gone back to some old favourites, products I’d forgotten I’ve ever used, items that I now don’t know why I even stopped using.

Baby Oil photo 53714f53-7dc6-417a-864b-54df26a501e3_zpszwfmrc1i.jpgTo be fair, the last time I used Baby Oil was probably when my parents stopped using it on me, but still! I started using it again after finding an unopened bottle in the bathroom cupboard when we moved into the flat. I smooth some on after a shower, still as wet as possible (I can’t see myself keeping it up in winter!), pat dry with a towel and that’s it – wonderfully soft and glowing skin. And it stays feeling soft and moisturised for days. As long as you rub it in as well as possible then pat dry I don’t find it too greasy, the scent is almost unnoticeable and it just agrees with my skin. It gives the effect of coconut oil, but I find it much less greasy and slightly easier to apply.

Ponds Cold Cream photo 89963951-3b97-43bf-a85a-954e935b323d_zpsenqn8ofw.jpgPonds Cold Cream photo 51326481-8c06-45b2-861b-36c13029e240_zpsxpgihiab.jpgNow, Pond’s Cold Cream. I used Cold Creams YEARS ago, but stopped when I got to university. I’m not sure why I stopped as I only used them in the morning, or late at night for a quick second cleanser if I needed it. My favourite version (surprise surprise, it’s Garnier!) also didn’t need washing off so was a great late-night fix.

The Pond’s offering is something I won in a giveaway a while back, and whilst I won’t say it’s my favourite, I do like it. My skin has responded relatively well to it, it hasn’t aggravated what I believe is hormonal acne, and it’s made make-up removal a breeze. I find it especially great for removing lipstick as it doesn’t taste icky, but gets everything off. Lady Danger is a nightmare to get off with anything else, and if left on it stains white pillows like a bitch.

Another old favourite I’ve discovered recently is warmed up Ribena. It’s the perfect thing for a sore throat…

Have you discovered any old favourites recently? Do you use any of these products?