Food: A Week of Mindful Eating

This year has definitely been the year I’ve concentrated most on my diet. I’ve lost two stone, I feel a lot healthier, and my stomach problems are probably less frequent (although unfortunately I’ve seen nowhere near the improvement I was hoping for).

 photo Clean Eating Challenge6_zpswpgkj2mz.jpgI’ve always been keen on checking the source of my food, making sure it’s as ‘nice’ as possible. I won’t buy anything less than free-range eggs and meat, and I’d buy organic if I could afford it. I try to bulk up meat with veg, both to save money and the environment. If there was a way to buy cruelty-free milk I’d be on that wagon like a shot!

Both thinking about what food I put into my body, and where that food comes from the concept of Mindful Eating. It’s not about a ‘diet’, not about eating perfectly. It’s about listening to your body, feeding it what it needs, and making sure that food is as good quality as possible (but not necessarily pricey organic bits and pieces). When Legal & General challenged me to a week of mindful eating, I jumped to give it a go. Since moving to London and commuting my diet hasn’t been the best, so I needed a shake up – and they sent over a five-day recipe box.

 photo Clean Eating Challenge3_zpstzradixy.jpg photo Clean Eating Challenge4_zpsnxacpmps.jpg photo Clean Eating Challenge5_zpsccxtl5ne.jpg photo Clean Eating Challenge7_zpslkkukidr.jpg photo Clean Eating Challenge9_zps5rf62wmb.jpgWe dined on some of the most yummy dinners. Duck breast with lentils (I confess to adding a stock cube – the recipe provided the blandest lentils imaginable), bean and chorizo quesadillas (SO good), spicy pasta, cheesy stuffed chicken. Everything was so tasty and fresh, none of it left a bloated feeling, and we enjoyed it all.

 photo Clean Eating Challenge1_zps1eioqlvr.jpg photo Clean Eating Challenge2_zpsql5uk3u7.jpgMy favourite was the Turkish lamb flatbread. Really quick to make, flavoursome and filling without leaving me bloated. It’s definitely something I’ll make again and again!

Not only were we eating healthy, fresh food, but the dishes shook up our weekly meals. I’ll definitely be adapting some of the recipes to make them a teeny bit cheaper, before rotating them regularly.

 photo Clean Eating Challenge10_zpsrfenfazw.jpgThe challenge got, well, challenging, when it came to other meals of the day. I was alright in the mornings, sticking to taking Overnight Oats to work (I WILL post a recipe, I promise…). Lunches were difficult. On days where dinners provided leftovers it was all hunky-dory, just needing a salad on the side. Other days I confess to making up a sandwich. I did, however, try and stick to other parts of mindful eating. I tried to take my lunch to the park and sit enjoying some time to myself. I’ve gotten far too used to just eating without so much as a pause in my working day, and that’s just not ideal.

 photo Clean Eating Challenge11_zpsiccrnkn0.jpgThe week definitely opened up my eyes to different quick dinners, I’ve discovered dishes I’ll definitely be making again, I’ve taken the time to savour my food and eat more slowly. It’s given me the kick up the backside I needed, and I’ve now moved away from the biscuit tin and planted myself firmly back in the kitchen. I might have failed at the first hurdle with my GBBO Bake Along, but we did make our own homemade fruit ice lollies over the weekend!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a recipe box, including ingredients, by Legal & General. As always all opinions are my own!

What are you go-to quick dinners? Have you tried ‘mindful eating’?