Beauty: The One I Tried To Resist

I really didn’t want to buy this. Honestly, it is something I’ve resisted for well over a year. An yet a few weeks ago it made it to the tills, and now it’s in my daily rotation. Call me weak-willed if you like…

17 Highlighter1 photo 3dd56db7-253c-4dba-8952-3d8cca3e810e_zps1fdukrg2.jpgSo, my reasons for not wanting this product? Here’s a list;

  • I’m not a huge fan of 17 makeup. I use the Stay Time concealer because it’s the only damn one on the high-street that’s neutral toned and pale enough for me. Trust me, I’ll be trying out the new Barry M ones as soon as my current tube has run out.
  • The packaging. It’s cheap looking, it gets absolutely filthy, and the pump releases either no product, or enough to give my whole body a glow.
  • Primers break me out. Nuff said.

When I decided I wanted to try a more liquid highlighter, something I could mix into my foundation to give it even more of a boost, my aim was to pick up the B. Highlighting Pearl Serum thing. It IS a lovely colour, the packaging is beautiful. And the product seems terrible. I tried to swatch it and it balled up all over my hand. No go!

17 Highlighter3 photo 0abf4714-a099-44b6-9e12-f188fcacfa74_zpsyj3fj6f9.jpg17 Highlighter4 photo ab46b4d6-b21f-411d-866d-35af465c2a06_zps93p66ccf.jpgA browse through the shelves and I spied an offer on Seventeen promoting a free lip pencil if you spent £X amount. This primer was just a little over £X amount (£5?!), and despite my dislike of the packaging, despite the tester pump spewing a LOT of product over my hand, I picked it up. I can’t resist a free lip pencil. I haven’t used the free lip pencil…

Turns out that the packaging is still awful, the pump is still terrible, the product is pretty damn good! It doesn’t break me out, it gives my foundation the ‘oompf’ I was after, and if used as a primer it really does prolong my makeup (but who has time for primer on weekdays?!). I don’t particularly like using it as a standalone highlighter as I feel it does remove my foundation slightly, but to provide an all-over glow – it’s perfect!

17 Highlighter2 photo 40ce5989-4882-41c2-a4bd-1ce63f44dfb2_zpss9rmoczu.jpgAnd that, my friends, is why you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s covers. Or makeup by it’s packaging.

Have you not purchased something because of it’s packaging? Any more highlighter recommendations?!