Lifestyle: A Day in the Life of An Intern

I did a guest post on someone’s blog a while ago (I genuinely can’t remember who it was for, I can’t find the file or the email – sorry!) which described a day in my life. A second-year student at the time, I really enjoyed writing it. Here’s an updated version! I’m coming to the end of a 13-month-long internship in case you are wondering at the lack of training/guidance throughout my day!

 photo Clean Eating Challenge10_zpsrfenfazw.jpg6.45 Alarm goes off. I’m not a grump in the morning, I promise you…

6.47 I’ve pulled myself out of bed, the kettle is on to boil and I’m completing my quick morning skincare routine. I tend to just splash my face with water, swipe with Pixi Glow and then moisturise with my beloved Garnier moisturiser.

6.53 Tea is made (one sugar, strongly brewed, plenty of milk – please and thank-you), moisturiser has sunk in so it’s time to throw some makeup on. I usually just apply a little Rimmel Match Perfection, then 17 Stay Time concealer under the eyes, and a little mascara.

 photo 2015-04-12 12.29.18_zpsvhq9zdvm.jpg6:59 Time to get dressed and inevitably ladder three pairs of tights. I always try to think about my outfit the night before, but it never quite happens. My usual work outfit is a smart-ish skirt, shirt (I love pussy-bow blouses) and cardigan, with a jacket with me in case of an important meeting.

7:10 I’ve thrown some bread in the microwave to defrost, and I’ve topped my Overnight Oats with some seeds and raspberries (it’s a banana and peanut butter combo this time!). Time to sit at my lovely breakfast bar, scroll through some blogs and drink my tea. And the Overnight Oats post is on it’s way – TOMORROW!

7:30 I suddenly realise the time, brush teeth, throw on any additional makeup if I have time (blusher usually). Shoes on, bag packed, out the door.

7:31 Back in the door for forgotten keys.

7:37 Where is my bus?!

7:43 I so could have left later…

7:57 Angry passenger kicks ‘out’ the door of the bus because the driver didn’t stop (he hadn’t pressed the button).

8:01 I wander along Platform 13 at Clapham. I know now exactly where to wait for the carriage that will get me closest to the stairs at Redhill. PS – ridiculously proud of my Travelcard photo!

 photo 4c23ecfc-9b6a-49fa-ab9b-7e0f972c5744_zps2ynqlyhl.jpg8:08 Battle onto the train. Luckily I usually get a seat, so I’ll cosy up with my Kindle. I haven’t missed my stop yet…

8:30 Train pulls into Redhill, I head off on the three-minute walk to work. I am trying to use this extra half-hour to build a little exercise into my day, so if I’m not ridiculously busy in the office I’ll take a brisk walk.

9:00 By this time I like to be logged on, checking my emails and have a ‘important tasks’ list written for the day. I generally have a Weekly To Do list, and then prioritise tasks each day.

9:15 I’m also currently training my replacement, so try to check he has enough work to be doing whilst I am busy each morning. At some point before half 10 I try to eat my breakfast too…

Until 13:00 Various bits and bobs. This involved a weekly team meeting, creating a presentation, wrestling with some SAS code, and writing a piece of VBA to make all characters selected in Excel capitals…

 photo IMAG0081_zpsrvtfiifh.jpg13:05 Make it to the park, find an empty bench and sit in the sun. I try to get outside during my lunchbreak as I find it really perks me up for the rest of the day. I sit and read my Kindle, catch up on blog emails, and eat – usually a sandwich.

14:00 Drag myself back inside. I spend the next hour on the phone to different branch managers (the joys of month-end).

15:27 Get an urgent task to do. Spend five minutes instructing my replacement on how he can help, then concentrate solely on this for the rest of the day.

16:58 Why does someone always ring with a really important query just before 5?! Luckily this one is something that can wait until the morning, so I scribble a post-it for myself.

17:01 Home time! I try to leave on-time, despite most of my office rarely leaving before 7pm. I have never struggled to complete work, though I’m often busy, so I don’t feel too much need to stay late. I like to think I’m not slacking!

17:19 Jump in the inevitably late train.

17:45 Rush through Clapham (always full of people who never seem to know where they are going).

17:48 Waiting for a bus.

17:51 Bus turns up. Why does nobody in London know how to queue to tap their Oyster card?!

18:03 Battle through bus to doors, only for driver to close doors as I get to them. Stand until the next stop before shouting a sarcastic ‘thank-you’ – it happens at least twice a week.

18:06 In the door, kettle on.

Ponds Cold Cream photo 89963951-3b97-43bf-a85a-954e935b323d_zpsenqn8ofw.jpg photo Clean Eating Challenge6_zpswpgkj2mz.jpg18:30 By this time I’ve removed my makeup, showered, washed hair (I always do it in the evening) changed into some PJs comfy clothes and started on the dinner prep. We’ve recently trialled a Go Fresh box which I really enjoyed. It’s too expensive for us on a regular basis but I’ll definitely consider it in future.

18:45 W usually get in around this time, so we crack on with dinner and talk about our days.

19:30 Time to wash and clean up. I tend to do the washing, W the drying. Though we can’t do this at the same time as the kitchen isn’t big enough! I’ll also make my Overnight Oats for the next day.

19:55 I’ll sit down for an hour to do some blogging or some graduate applications – scary stuff! I haven’t even started final year and I’m already applying for grad roles…

21:02 This is unwind time. We’ll either watch an episode of Breaking Bad, or I’ll sit and read. On days where I’m really behind on the blogging I’ll do a little more.

22:15 I try to start heading to bed around now. I know its early, but I’m a bit of a grump without enough sleep!

 photo 4b86491a-f68d-48d1-bc74-2f6a5190a775_zpsnjvjyk1x.jpg22:57 Lights out before 11 if I can help it – avoiding the aforementioned grump!

I now can’t work out if I have really busy days, or if I don’t do a lot! I’ve had to stay pretty brief about what I do at work for confidentiality reasons obviously, but my work day is usually packed…I’m often pretty exhausted when I finish! Though I am definitely not complaining, I’ve absolutely loved my placement and can’t believe I only have three weeks left.

Do you enjoy this type of post? What’s a typical day like for you?