Beauty: From Day to Night, Work to Play

This week marks my last week of work, my last week of a 13-month placement. At the moment I’m feeling pretty emotional and trying to steel myself against shedding a tear come 5pm on Thursday. This week also marks a week of leaving celebrations. Not one to do things by halves, I’ve scheduled a total of three leaving meals, plus drinks. Damn you tube strike for making things difficult…

 photo 0804338b-a8c7-4c57-8024-68e1821be678_zpsckjvjwtx.jpg photo 18f7e2f4-2617-40db-93d2-3a802fa7110b_zpslbat83tz.jpgHeading out after work is something I’ve become accustomed to over the head. Many Fridays were spent legging it to the station with suitcase ready for a loved-up weekend with W. I’ve gone to blogging events, met with friends, and sampled all the local Thai restaurants (multiple times). With an evening out comes the need for a two-minute-touch-up of my daily makeup. And actually, I’ve got the routine pretty much down…

 photo 26930160-731b-478f-a676-b196b04605e2_zpsb5lx5whd.jpgI’ll apply a teeny, tiny dot of eye cream first (I always keep some at my desk, along with lip balm and hand cream), as my eyes get super dehydrated sitting at a computer all day. I’ll then go in with the concealer to hide any dark-circles. I’ll add some grey eyeshadow to my crease, and my lower lashline, smudging it all out for a smokey effect. A quick coat of mascara and my eyes are looking good.

 photo 382b035e-43c0-4655-a9cb-3bd61a64c1d9_zpsqd1zgq3e.jpgBase wise, and my Hourglass palette is a total lifesaver. A big fluffy brush and this is all I need to make my skin look as flawless as it did at 7am – and it will last until I stumble through the door too. I’ll use a combination of all three shades to brighten, highlight and add warmth and definition. The mirror means I can do all my of makeup at my desk or on the train if necessary – major bonus!

 photo caa35e87-ebab-45e1-af91-b8f759c0faf4_zpsy96kzjuk.jpgA quick slick of lipstick and I’m good to go! My lipstick changes daily, depending on what I’m wearing – and I’ll just throw the day’s lipstick in my bag for top-ups if needed. If I know I’ll be eating/drinking I’ll also use a matching lip liner too; I’ll be talking more about these next week but I LOVE Kiko ones.
 photo 06b87a73-e4c4-4f55-9aca-48d503cc3c44_zpsjlkxqjef.jpg

I’ve got this routine down to just under three minutes now (yep, I’m pretty impressed with myself!). What are your quick-fix makeup items? How do you take your makeup from day to night?