University: Applying for a Student Visa

Luckily this isn’t something I have had to personally worry about, but talking to friends and colleagues it can be the bane of some students’ lives. Complicated, time consuming – it doesn’t sound an easy process!

 photo iStock_000044027192_Large_zps4pwrvkup.jpgWhen Taylor Rose sent over this infographic I couldn’t help but share! It looks insanely helpful for overseas students applying for a UK student visa, so maybe it can help someone somewhere!

TR InfographicI actually lived with a lot of international students in my first year (though I didn’t exactly enjoy my living situation!) and I didn’t have a clue how lengthy the visa process was! I can’t imagine having to jump through all those hoops ‘just’ to go to university – it’s made me think how lucky we are in the UK really. UCAS may be a pain, SFE might have seen me swear at it multiple times, but it’s a lot simpler!

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How were people’s experiences in applying to university, student visa or not?